Kansas City River Market Reborn As Hipster Hangout: Will It Work?!?!

City Hall planners and district managers chased most of the longtime local merchants out of  the River Market. raised the rent and turned it into an upscale hangout that's unfriendly to cars and anybody who doesn't have NPR preset on their favorite audio device . . .

Here's a glimpse at the hipster new gentry in the River Market:

And so, as delicious as Korean/Mexican sammiches sound, there's a danger that trendy fare ruins the mystique of this historic location.

You decide . . .


  1. It's the parking. The parking mess created by the city is what really what hampers more stable growth. All of these empty condos aren't going to cut it.


  2. They have been trying this for a couple of years now and NO it's not working. Kansas City business that had been down there for years is what drew the people. They threw away KC history and long term stability for short term profit, not smart.

  3. Got an idea. 'Martin Luther King City Market". Hey, everyone's got a street named after the guy. Let's be different.

  4. Plenty of free parking in NKC!
    Hell of a lot more going on there, too.

    Hard to find a place to live there though, housing doesn't stay on the market very long, if it even gets listed at all.

  5. Fuck that shit!
    Bring back the tittie bars, bodies in trunks and buildings blown up.
    The dagos knew how to run a place.

  6. Yes it will work because there are no pants-shitting geezers there to fuck everything up or kill the fun! Good for them!

  7. Hipsters aka millennials attention spans last about five minutes when their phone tells them what the next greatest thing is, the millennials can’t support themselves or anything for that matter.

  8. ^^^^and yet they wouldn’t be caught dead coming here like you and the rest of the diaper squad do all day in lieu of a life. Advantage them! Weird.

  9. ^^^And yet here you are too. Weird.
    Must be Hell being a Sperger and have no one like you and being thought of as a fucking loser. Weird.


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