Kansas City Remembers Battle Of Westport

Local historians love calling it "The Gettysburg of the West" and here's a glimpse at the local effort to preserve history instead of turning it into taxpayer subsidized condos:

A push to preserve Kansas City's largely-forgotten Civil War battle sites

Kansas City, MO - The Battle of Westport took place 155 years ago this Wednesday, October 23rd. The engagement of the American Civil War is sometimes referred to as the Gettysburg of the West.


  1. Did anybody check with the sjw’s first? You know how offended those pussies get.

  2. Jim Claxton NKC10/21/19, 7:43 PM

    It's KC's history. It should be saved and never forgotten!

  3. It wasn't a battle. it was a skirmish. More people murdered in KCMO this year so far than the deaths in the skirmish. It wasn't a battle to save the USA from a outside enemy. it was rednecks not getting alone with each other, even though there was free land being given away by the government to anyone that wanted it and no federal taxes, no state taxes. Free land, no taxes - lets fight our neighbors. Shameful.

  4. The left will either want to completely rewrite history or ban it.

  5. This shouldn't be forgotten, it should be commemorated as the most typical battle if the Southern States' attempt to destroy this Country!

    "General" Sterling Price got his ass handed to him in Westport, and then started running south with his tail between his legs! Curtis stopped chasing him at the Arkansas border, but Price didn't stop running till he was in the middle of Texas!

    Maybe emphasizing this farce would act to offset the lying Southern Mythology that the Confederacy was anything but a pack of treasonous would-be aristocrats fooling stupid inbred peasants into fighting a war for them to preserve their failing way of life.

    "Lost Cause" my ass - Lincoln should have hung every single Southern Officer who had served in the US Army for treason!

    Your "proud Southern Heritage" stinks!

  6. "The engagement of the American Civil War is sometimes referred to as the Gettysburg of the West.'

    Not said by anyone...ever. It was a skirmish of insignificant proportion. Now Wilsons Creek, that was a battle.


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