Kansas City Pitch 'Best Of' 2019 Review

For those who haven't already been spammed to death via social media . . . Check the link to this Kansas City advertorial tradition:

The Pitch "Best Of" 2019

Yes, this is far less important than it was a decade ago and most of it still a pay-for-play scheme. But that's old, old news.

The bright side:

Browsing through the print edition of The Pitch 2019 "Best Of" issue is satisfying, informative and fun. In this respect, the monthly dead-tree edition has an advantage of online content and the big photos and write-ups shine. Checking the freebie Pitch and disconnecting for an hour is a worthwhile experience for local readers as a pleasant alternative from the litany of hate speech online. Given the rainy weekend ahead, it's worth picking up a copy for a quick look at what the NEXTGEN is selling -- Other than weed and illicit prescription drugs, of course . . .

You decide . . .


  1. That's sweet but the same is true of just about any catalog.

  2. Best crap that don't mean a damn thing to most. Another prime example of why the Pitch is failing. They should have had a category for 'Best Two Owners That Own A Whole Lot of Nothing." They would have won that one.

  3. Does anyone really believe the "Best Of" winners are chosen by readers?


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