Thursday, October 03, 2019

Kansas City 'One Percent For The Arts' Creative Class Fight Preview At New KCI

EXCEPTIONAL Kansas City journalist Julius Karash was the FIRST to put this story on blast and here's the round-up with a bit more info from public radio:

What You Need To Know Before The Fight Begins Over Kansas City's New Airport Art

Preparing for the largest public art project in Kansas City's history is proving to be a challenge. Controversy often surrounds pieces commissioned under the city's One Percent For Art Program, which sets aside 1% of city construction costs for public art.


Anonymous said...

“One Percent For Art Program, which sets aside 1% of city construction costs for public art“.

This is a private construction project, the airlines are building it, not the city remember, they shouldn’t have to do the one percent for art. And why would we need five million dollars worth of “art” at the airport anyway.

Anonymous said...

We need a sweet Illuminati/Deep State referential mural like the one they've got in Denver to really get some worldwide attention.

Anonymous said...

3:48 AM has a point. Why DO we need millions spent on art at the airport? The last time I was there, art was not uppermost in my mind.

Anonymous said...

That's true.
According to the bozos at city hall "running" this fiasco. people go to airports for the crappy coffee and overpriced sandwiches.
The "art" is just an extra.
Dig deep, KCMO taxpayers!
And bon voyage!

Anonymous said...

This airport is going to be a fucking disaster. Everyone knew it would be but it seems like it's going to be an even bigger disaster than any of us could imagine

Anonymous said...

@3:48 nailed it- case closed!

But this isIS KC, so the Mayor and Council will bow down to the JOCO "Aesthetes" and divert 1% of YOUR money to "adorn" the "New" KCI with more of the pointless, derivative horsecrap the "better people" like to tell us is art when they waste our money on it.


It doesn't need phony reinterpretations of some abstract 1970's crap that NYC Gallery Owners foisted on the drugged up public in that City fifty years ago!


And while we're at it, reduce the tax burden by auctioning off the "Public Art" that the Committee has bought since it was created, surely somebody will buy it!

Anonymous said...

3:48 has a fascinating point and one that the legal eagles should take a look at since the artistes are so quick to quote statutes.