Kansas City Must Prep For The Big One

A peek at one of the many faults of living in KCMO and this underlying concern that should remind locals they're continually walking on shaky ground.

More info and fewer bad puns here:

3 earthquakes shake southeast Missouri in under an hour. How would a bigger quake impact Kansas City?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A small town in southeast Missouri was rattled by three earthquakes in less than an hour this week. They all measured less than a 3.0 on the Richter scale, but the frequency has some wondering what will happen in KC if the much-talked about "big one" ever hits in the New Madrid Fault Zone.


  1. Might not be a bad thing. We could start over on our infrastructure.

  2. ^^^^^^^ True comment.

  3. Doubt it, the 5.5 Quake in November 1968 knocked down a couple of brick walls in St. Louis but only rattled a few windows here.

    Just to be sure, maybe we should blow up I-70 to keep St. Louis from dumping its "refugees" on us.
    Let Jefferson City take them in, they have all our money to do it with.

  4. The 1811-1812 quakes were in the 9.0 range, which would make them more than 1000 times as powerful as a 5.5 quake. When those quakes hit chimneys were broken in Cincinnati, church bells were rung in Boston, Jefferson was thrown out of his bed at Monticello, and the Mississippi was thrown out of its bank and ran backward for a while.

    But there's nothing to worry about.

  5. Be prepared. The big problem will be PEOPLE coming from Eastern Missouri after a HUGE Trimmer. Some scientists predict Lake Michigan may empty into the MISSISSIPPI RIVER. FLOOD WATERS EAST OF U.S.65 HIGHWAY THE EASTERN MISSOURI residents will Move into western Missouri. For help.

  6. Maybe everything east of Troost will fall into the Blue River. Unlikely, yes, but a person can dream...


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