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Kansas City Urban Core Redux

Several projects aim to revitalize northeast KCMO

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The next time an entrepreneur comes to the Economic Growth Gallery to help launch their idea, organizers hope the business incubator will have a new facade, more interior space and a commercial kitchen. The incubator on Independence Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri, is one of 20 finalists for grant money from Partners in Preservation's "Vote Your Main Street" competition.

Traffic Trouble Cont'd

Police: Pedestrian struck by car near Ruskin High School

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Police are investigating after one person was hit by a car in the area near Ruskin High School Wednesday afternoon. Officers said they initially received reports of several pedestrians being hit, and that the driver seemed to intentionally hit the victims, though they have not yet corroborated that report.

Prez Trump Trade Conflict Impacts Perfect Village Luxury

Imports such as cheese and whiskey could be hit by new tariffs

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS (KCTV) - New tariffs totaling $7.5 billion could hit some of your favorite items, including cheese. Lincoln Broadbooks, general manager for Better Cheddar in Prairie Village and Kansas City, is preparing for a total of 25 percent duties will be put on various cheeses from the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany.

More Community News Winning

Hometown Newspaper Receives Statewide Recognition

The Jackson County Advocate, Grandview and South Kansas City's locally-owned hometown newspaper since 1953, remains an award-winning news source. The paper received recognition on Saturday, September 28, at the Missouri Press Association's annual Better Newspaper Awards luncheon, held at the VooDoo Lounge at Harrah's North Kansas City Hotel and Casino.

Winter Is Coming In Olathe

Colorful snow plows will return to Olathe this winter

OLATHE, Kan. - It's starting to feel like Fall, which means crews across the Metro are hard at work preparing for Winter. In Olathe, a few snow plows may catch your eye this season. They'll be covered in colorful designs. Last year, the City asked people to nominate schools, classrooms and teachers in Olathe to paint a handful of plows.

Kansas City Lunch News

PODCAST: 3HALVES Brewing Co. & Jousting Pigs BBQ

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - 3HALVES Brewing Co. and Jousting Pigs BBQ have made a home under one roof in Liberty, bringing craft brew and craft 'que to the Northland.

Fake Gronk Renaissance???

From erratic to reliable: The evolution of Travis Kelce

In this golden era for the tight end position, the Kansas City Chiefs have one of the best in the game. Two-time All-Pro and four-time Pro Bowler Travis Kelce has cemented himself as the front-runner among the elites at his position.


Kansas City Biz Space Glam

PHOTOS: Go inside McCownGordon Construction's new headquarters - Kansas City Business Journal

McCownGordon Construction recently opened up its new downtown headquarters building for the Kansas City Business Journal to tour. The general contractor, which also celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, started work on the building at 850 Main St. in January 2017.

KCK Housing Crisis

KCK residents worry about apartments facing foreclosure


Show-Me Community Effort Confronting Natural Disaster

Giant logjam demolishes Missouri railroad bridge

BRUNSWICK, MO (KCTV) -- Tina Reichert remembers what the damage of flooding along the Missouri River did to her town of Brunswick and others. "It's been amazing to watch people come together, but it's been hard to see homes under water and farmers losing their land," Reichert said.

Local Country Song Inspiration

Hay bales catch fire in Blue Springs car

BLUE SPRINGS, MO (KCTV) -- It's that time of year again! Pumpkin spice, apple cider and decorative hay bales. It's a fall tradition one local couple won't be taking part in again. It was the last thing Averie Harris thought she'd see as she got in her car to go to work Wednesday morning.

KC Bank Fee Reference

ATM fees in major cities hit record highs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You can bet your bottom dollar that going to an out-of-network ATM will break the bank at a record rate. A new looked at fees in 25 major cities and found the average total cost at ATMs is $4.72.

Gun Crime Crackdown

Man pleads to illegally selling firearms in Kansas City area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - An Independence man has admitted to illegally selling firearms, some of which were later found at crime scenes. Federal prosecutors say 25-year-old Frank Hedden pleaded guilty Tuesday to dealing firearms without a license. He admitted that he sold 21 firearms to an undercover agent between February and June in Independence.

KC Healthcare Consolidation

Saint Luke's will lay off 145 as Cushing becomes micro-hospital - Kansas City Business Journal

Saint Luke's Cushing Hospital in Leavenworth will lay off 145 employees as it transitions from a traditional hospital to a community hospital model. In December, Saint Luke's Health System will transition the facility at 711 Marshall St. to its micro-hospital model.

Show-Me Young Contender

Democratic lawyer to run for Missouri Rep. Hartzler's seat

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) - A Democratic lawyer says she's running to unseat Missouri Republican U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler. Lindsey Simmons announced her campaign for Hartzler's seat Tuesday. The 32-year-old is running as a political outsider. She pledged not to take donations from corporate political action committees. Simmons attended Harvard Law School.

Kansas Wild Cat Recaptured

Escaped cougar from southeast Kansas zoo located

INDEPENDENCE, Kan. - Officials at a southeast Kansas zoo say a cougar that escaped has been located. The cougar escaped Monday morning from Riverside Park and Ralph Mitchell Zoo in Independence. City officials say the animal did not leave the zoo grounds. The zoo said that park officials and police officers searched for the animal.

KCK Community Garden Grows

After A Kansas City, Kansas, School Gardening Program Hits Hard Times, Neighbors Prop It Back Up

A program that brings gardening into classrooms in Kansas City, Kansas, suffered another setback after the program's van was stolen and crashed earlier this month. KCK Organic Teaching Gardens has been around for twenty years, planting gardens at elementary and middle schools in Kansas City, Kansas to teach students about science, nutrition and history.

Left Turn Rain Fear

Lakeside Speedway faces more flooding after recent storms

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- Pete Howey has managed Lakeside Speedway for the entire 30 years it's sat by the Missouri River. He says the property has flooded six times in those 30 years and three of them have been this year alone. "March, middle of May, first of June.

More Cash For Kansas

Kansas tax collections $43M more than expected in September

TOPEKA, KS (AP) - Kansas is reporting that it collected $43 million more in taxes than anticipated in September. The Department of Revenue said Tuesday that the state collected $744 million in taxes during the month when its official revenue forecast predicted $701 million. The surplus is nearly 6.2%.

NextGen Hunters Needed

Kansas officials concerned drop in young hunters will decrease funding for conservation

TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas wildlife officials are working on plans to stop a continuing drop in the number of young people who are interested in hunting, in part because the decline could lead to fewer dollars for conservation. For years, Kansas encouraged young hunters by conducting guided hunts.

Kansas Dam Prepared

Massive federal project targets Kansas River levee systems

KANSAS CITY, Ks. - - The first stage of a massive $453 million federal project to address Kansas River levee systems in the Kansas City area is set to get underway next month, 26 years after the flood of 1993 prompted the improvements to be undertaken. The U.S.

Kansas Runner Struck Down

Father of 3 dies after being struck by lightning while running a 50k race in Kansas

(CNN) -- A man running a 50K race in Independence, Kansas, died after he was struck by lightning shortly before he finished the run. Thomas Stanley, 33, died Saturday afternoon while running in the FlatRock 50K trail race at Elk City Lake Park, a Facebook post from the organizers of the race said.

Show-Me ID Impact

Missouri Supreme Court weighs voter photo ID law

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A fight over a new Missouri voter photo identification law is headed to the state Supreme Court. Supreme Court judges on Thursday will hear arguments over whether a lower court judge was right to strike down a key provision of the law.

Golden Ghetto Responds To Increased Highway Danger

Overland Park Police respond to increasing number of traffic crashes on I-435

OVERLAND PARK, Ks - In response to a recent increase in the number of traffic crashes on I-435 in Overland Park, the police department is increasing enforcement in an effort to enhance the safety of those who use the roadways in the city.

Give Local Students A Brake

New crosswalk signals in Overland Park allows kids, parents another layer of security.

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) -- This month is International Walk to School Month, and two new crosswalk signals are going up in Overland Park. One of them is right down the street from Briarwood Elementary School. Parents say this crosswalk is needed. It's been there since 1985, but it's getting an upgrade.

Doc Hollywood Real Life

Immersion Program Seeks Next Generation Of Rural Doctors

On a sunny afternoon in Sedalia, Mo., a town between St. Louis and Kansas City, Jennifer and Matt Boatright escorted some unusual visitors into a pasture on their farm. They opened the heavy gate and called their sheep over to meet a half-dozen medical students from the University of Missouri system.

Kansas City Tribute Out Loud

KC mural artist Sike Style celebrating loudest stadium in the world in new Chiefs poster series

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- This season, Kansas City artists are showing up to show off their love of the Kansas City Chiefs through a new Arrowhead Poster Series. If you've been to Westport recently, you might have already seen work from this week's artist.

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