Kansas City Mayor Celebrates 'Q'toberfest' In NKC: Diversity or Cultural Appropriation?!?

Waited to blog this one after registration was complete because TKC doesn't provide any politico with fundraising help.

Two things that the inquiring minds of our reader community wanted to know:

- Why does Mayor Q always do his drinking out of town?!?!? There are plenty of great KCMO spots for Octoberfest.

- Will Mayor Q wear lederhosen???

We'll leave those questions open for discussion even if we have our suspicions about both inquiries . . . Meanwhile, here's more info about Mayor Q keeping up his fundraising goals.


It's almost time to pull out the lederhosen and dust off your favorite flannel because KC's favorite season and the First Annual Q'toberfest are upon us!

We'll be on the Chicken N Pickle rooftop rain or shine! Registration is required for admission.


Includes admission for two (2)

Three Prosts! $1,000
Two Prosts! $500
One Prost! $250

General Admission

Fruends (double)! $100
Fruend (single)! $75
Junge Berufstätige (40 & Under)! $40

You decide . . .


  1. Should be Q-Q toberfest. Queer Quinton. Quinton does his drinking out of town because that’s where his favorite gay bar is and they let him off drunk driving in Lawrence.

  2. ^^^^ You really have an obsession with the question of who is "queer" don't you little fella? Curious? Or just in denial?

    1. Oh, Chimpy, you're the queer little fella with the obsession. Your cage is full of Curious George story books that have every page with his picture on it, stuck together. Eeww.

  3. Awww chimpy, you really have a problem with bananas don’t you little fella!

  4. Why does everything have to do with Quinton? Why can’t it be about the taxpayers. Q sure loves himself doesn’t he? Especially seeing himself in selfies and having parties in his name.

  5. Celebrating Kansas City in another municpalities jurisdiction is cultural apprpriatilon. Thing is, Kansans do this all the time. They don’t have an NFL team or any teams at all. Go chefs!

  6. ^^^^^ Good point.

    But I think the cultural appropriation line was more about the October fest.

    To that I say, good for Q. Taking German culture away from the germans is the least of their worries.

  7. It’s in nkc because it’s way too dangerous to have it in killa shitty that’s why it’s in nkc, besides, q really really loves his “pickles” hahahahaha!

    But seriously, this could be bad for nkc, having all those hoodrats over there will ruin them..... Maybe this is a brilliant move? Shifting the murderous blacks attention out of downtown kc, showing them a new place to destroy?

  8. ^^^^^^^ Good point.

    You're better off partying out of town. Too many thugs to ruin a good time in KCMO.

  9. If Q really is queer he can have my schnitzel any time.

  10. Pickles and wiener schnitzel huh, I guess q really is gay. With his obsession for dick he really should move to San Francisco where he will be greeted with open cheeks!

  11. ^^^and your obsession with his sexuality means you should probably come out and get that dick you’ve been craving. Your wife certainly is!

  12. Should be free admission to anyone the Kansas City real estate property tax assessment department screwed over.

  13. Drove by around 4:30, looked like there were about a dozen people up there.
    All white, except for one funny looking colored boy wandering around shaking hands with everyone.

    Oh, and after a month of daily drives through NKC, I finally saw a bicycle rider on Armor - a bearded, long-haired homeless looking dude riding east on the sidewalk between Fayette and Gentry!


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