Wednesday, October 09, 2019


A glimpse at slow progress in City Hall demolitions . . . Reality Check is that THERE ARE HUNDREDS MORE STRUCTURES THAT NEED TO BE TORN DOWN. Here's the progress report so far . . . Read more:

What Happened to Those 800 Dangerous Buildings?

Three and a half years ago, Kansas City leaders were so embarrassed by a KCPT documentary on urban blight they committed to tearing down hundreds of dangerous buildings. Were they successful?According to The Kansas City Star back in February 2016:


Anonymous said...

Are they throwing and dumping all this into the waste stream or reclaiming as much old growth material as possible for reuse?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Most likely creating a trash mountain that will look like the one in the movie Idiocracy

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

4:52. Those stones are worth a fortune

Anonymous said...

the green new deal protestors on the plaza could put their money where their mouth is and walk a half mile to the east and clean up some neighborhoods on the east side. That'd be real work with a real impact and not the bullshit slack-tivism though

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time,

A newly elected Mayor Sylvester posed in a backhoe, with City Manager Troy nearby, ready to demolish the first abandoned dilapidated house on their list of hundreds. They both promised the public they would promptly fulfill this priority pledge. The TV stations were summoned to film the scene and tell their viewers about the wonderful things the duo were up to.

Little did most realize what a boondoggle was forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Don't 'doze the dollar houses. Surely, they've each gotten recent assessments in the thousands. Soon, the fast growing back taxes will be paid up by eager buyers who want to be a part of the momentum.

Wait! What? Oh, wearing a bowtie when trying out this b.s. didn't make it sound any better, huh?