Friday, October 25, 2019

Kansas City Late Night Trains Silenced

A common complaint of urban core denizens is now a scary harbinger of the upcoming recession that so many locals fear. Here's a beautifully written consideration of classic Kansas City sounds:

Sounds of silence

An eerie silence descended in the northern environs of Historic Northeast last week as the sun set on the Union Pacific rail yards after an over 100-year history. For the first time in roughly thirty years of residence here, there were no train horns sounding, no metallic brakes squealing, no coal cars banging knuckles during the entirety of our early morning runs through the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Called progress deal with it.

Anonymous said...

I call it Trump's economy. MAGA! He ruins everything! Deal with it!

Anonymous said...

^^ unemployed railroad worker.

Anonymous said...

Winning, winning, winning,
and it's just the beginning!
Keep the fake shit spinning,

Byron Funkhouser said...

Considering what this railroad is used for, is this really a bad thing?