Kansas City Kurds Protest Turk Attacks

Local impact of a controversial Prez Trump decision. Here's the Plaza protest today:

Local Kurdish community protests ceasefire agreement

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The local Kurdish community grabbed the attention of Kansas City Saturday as peaceful protests were held at the Country Club Plaza. Last week, President Donald Trump announced the United States would withdraw its troops from northeastern Syria. Since then, there's been a shift in power in a country that's endured years of war.


  1. Another Trump mistake

  2. Are they going to go back and help fight?

  3. Fuck the Kurds and the Syrians, they’re fucking animals

  4. They are all animals, let them duke it out amongst themselves. If we need to assert authority we can do it when the dust settles. Not much over there is worth American lives. The media is going wild that we are not supporting the Kurds, but if we had opposed Turkey, a NATO member country, they would be going crazy over that.

  5. so true that 1;55 above poster ! These sand monkeys have hated each other forever , no need to risk any American life or money , as you said , just let all these assholes fight it out between each other and figure it out . Maybe they will kill off ISIS and the rest of the terrorists , no need for our great military to get involved . President TRUMP got it right , you bitching liberal democrat panzies are so wrong and un American ! MAGA

  6. They have no oil.
    Fuck 'em.

  7. The democrats only worry about borders being invaded half a world away, but bitch and moan about a wall between the US and MEX!!

  8. You dumbfucks realize Trump isn't moving ANYONE out of the middle east. So what exactly did "President TRUMP got right"? All he's done is destablized n region, allowed ISIS prisoners to escape, given Turkey a green light, and allowed Russia a solid foothold in the region in our own barracks no less. According to our soldiers on the ground the Kurds have been some of the best partners we've ever had. And literally almost ALL republicans lawmakers disagree with this move. America's word in the world now is shit. Plain and simple. And before you get all high and mighty about the costs, we're talking a couple thousand special ops forces and the Kurds did all the heavy lifting.

    Yet here we are with you fucking Trumptards applauding this shit. Are you this clueless in day to day life as well? How do you function without direction from someone else?


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