Kansas City Kangaroos Write Diss Track Column Against Snoop Dogg

City college pundits turn PC thug on one of the most genuine performers of our era who makes no apologies for his show that earned enthusiastic support from KU fans despite social and mainstream media hand-wringing. Read more:

Op-ed: Snoop Dogg's hypocrisy on women

Snoop Dogg, adorned in a University of Kansas basketball jersey and a pair of sunglasses, shouts at the DJ to "gimme somethin' for the ladies... this one's for YOU." He grins. Six young women come out in short shorts and heels and begin to climb on four dancing poles installed on platforms on the basketball court.


  1. I guess they should not have hired the negro if they didn’t want a negro performance.

  2. Snoop wasn’t hired to entertain the fans, he was hired to entertain basketball recruits KU is hoping to hire to play pro ball at KU next year. If the fans wishes were considered, KU would have hired gay entertainment because almost all the KU fans and students are homosexuals.

  3. What? Wait. You mean the enlightened diverse thug murder/rape culture disrespects women?

  4. Fuck You Losers10/22/19, 9:34 AM

    ^^Meanwhile Snoop is worth millions and you losers can't afford a cup of Starbucks.

    1. Had one this morning. Have you been by to polish your idol's knob yet today, dick rider?

  5. Says the profoundly retarded person


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