Kansas City Help Wanted: Jackson County Prosecutor 'Crime Strategy' Unit Now Hiring

More insight into funding that will hopefully fight crime. Take a look:

"Jackson County legislators approved Baker’s request to reallocate $225,000 within her budget to create the unit. Applications are now being accepted."

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Prosecutor shifts resources to fight violent crime in Jackson County

Kansas City, MO - The Jackson County prosecutor's office is hanging out the "help wanted" sign.Jean Peters Baker says it is time for a more proactive approach in preventing violent crime, instead of dealing with its aftermath. She decided to invest in a crime strategy unit.


  1. When you don't know what else to do, reorganize!! "Kansas City will no longer tolerate senseless homicides and violent crime committed by a small group of people." Sound familiar??? That is a direct quote from the KC NoVA website.....I thought NoVA was going to solve this same problem?

  2. Why hasn't the prosecutor charged Frank White and the dumb ass assessor for a crime against the people of Jackson County? She is the chief law enforcer in the county, right?

  3. Wow!
    With homicides at 140+ year after year and murders solved less than 50%, the prosecutor's office is hiring to form a "crime unit".
    Using any of the COMBAT funds by any chance?
    Only in Jackson County and KCMO can you find such cutting-edge leadership.
    It's enough to make a grown man cry.

  4. If Petersucker did her real job she wouldn’t need to waste money on something that has absolutely nothing to do with prosecuting the criminals. I’m sick of her dumb ass, she needs to go.

  5. Another incoherent plan to keep things incoherent

  6. The job description is a man dressed in midevil clothes, riding a horse drawn wagon through the streets shouting “bring out your dead!”.

  7. Jean Petersucker Baker is a miserable failure as a prosecutor. Our crime rate would be lower if she would aggressively prosecute criminals rather than agreeing to plea bargaining and probation, which leaves criminals free to commit more crimes. She refuses or is unable to to her job. Jean Petersucker Baker is worthless.

  8. 5:21 now that’s funny right there!


  9. I'll bet my special friend in Central Hyde Park would want the job, she has retired form everywhere and has worked at places around Kansas City that only her little mind knows about.

  10. Paying snitches will bring down the murder rate just like the Sly James years.


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