Kansas City Foodie Obsession This Week: Torchy's Tacos Opens At Ward Parkway Mall

Most of the news around this one is hype but we're putting it out there to see if anybody has ever been to this place . . . The location is pretty decent and deserved something more exciting than a stuffy pizza place . . . Check the pix with more info for subscribers:

It's official: Torchy's Tacos has picked a KC location - Kansas City Business Journal

A popular Austin taco spot that has grown to more than 60 locations in just over a decade is on a growth spree that will introduce the concept to Kansas City in early 2020. Here's where the company selected for its first area restaurant and what to expect when it gets here.


  1. Good can't wait to try it.

  2. Another dime a dozen corporate chain. Well whoopie doo.

  3. Yet again, Mexican cuisine to turn a profit to an otherwise insipid culture.

  4. ^^^^Shut it Maude. I know you think Bob Evans sets the gold standard, but the rest of still have all of our teeth and hate tapioca. Pulse being you’re a shut-in fucktard who sits all day in a fetid diaper crying about everything on a blog all day, this isn’t your thing!

  5. Great, another fucking taco hut.

  6. A place that started from scratch with a single location, grew gradually, has it's own unique style, tastes good, appeals to people that like to try new things, etc...

    Of course, geezers hate it.

  7. ^^Oh please tell us all about it since you have no doubt ate them to have made such a retard post as such.

    Now crawl back into Moms basement and STFU

    1. 12:06, I went to torchys often when I lived in central Texas and it was by far, the best fast-casual texmex I've had.

      Maybe you need to get out more. Go travel. You're a very unhappy, semi coherent person. Work on changing yourself and you'll be a much happier person.

  8. Taco Tuesday Geezers will try it out.

  9. Ha! Geezers getting run all day on here! Beautiful!

  10. Putting their own personal style to an already perfected dish. Please,

  11. ^^^ There ya go "life coach" sez visit a torchys often.

  12. As a Keto diet person, I can’t wait to go!
    I will order a great nice glass of water.
    I bet it’s great filtered Missouri water.
    I shall tip the bar person and enjoy.
    Can’t wait to see this place!

  13. I lived in austin for a while and torchy's is decent. You fags on here might even enjoy it


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