Kansas City Foodie FAIL Of The Day

Anthropological study of the day . . . Middle-class white people are AMAZED that Scandinavian food is a tough sell.

Meanwhile, most Tex-Mex garbage gets guzzled down in KCMO by the working-class without question. Checkit:

Krokstrom is closing, and that doesn't reflect well on KC food culture

Photo courtesy of Krokstrom Instagram. File under "market failure": After a banner year of critical accolades and national attention, Midtown Scandinavian restaurant Krokstrom has announced it will close November 2. Krokstrom was a bright spot in the city's food scene: a chef-driven restaurant with a clear vision, focused menu, and easygoing hospitality.


  1. Their rents obviously quadrupling. Thanks Frank.

  2. Ah these 2019 assessments do wonders for business don't they?

  3. Businesses?
    You mean operations that have to make a profit?
    Completely mysterious to the clowns who inhabit Jackson County and KCMO government.
    You mean to say that not everyone has a job on the taxpayer dime where you really don't have to do much, much less actually accomplish anything until you get to move on to the NEXT taxpayer-subsidized gig?
    Who knew?
    Rolling taxpayer-funded demolition machines.

    1. I'm sure there is a free range Avocado Toast chain just waiting to move in.

  4. HAHAHAHA^^^^^^^ Well Done

  5. The reason the Vikings invaded other lands was to try to find food that didn’t taste like shit

  6. Grip & Silvestor for the win.


  7. Look where this restaurant was located. Jeez, it was on Broadway where all the fun street people hang out. Where do you park? Or do you just hoof it like the locals? Are you safe walking to and from your car? We used to live at 37th & Central a long time ago. It wasn't a safe area then, and it's even worse now. They should try a different location.

  8. It was a great place to eat, but they needed more funding for marketing!

  9. It was a very nice restaurant, but a little pricey. Hubby took the family there one night and was surprised at the bill. Kind of a destination spot where a neighborhood place would have fit.

  10. It billed itself as "chef-inspired" and "unique" - in Kansas City these are code words for

    a) tiny servings, drizzled with unidentifiable sauces,
    b) weird crappy tasting food made from substandard ingredients
    c) incredibly high prices.

    HINT: watch out for phrases like "locally sourced", that means the frozen package was bought at a nearby Grocery Store and thawed out on-site (if not in the trunk of the Chef's car on a shopping trip).

  11. Thanks. Some funny stuff here. Brought a smile. Agree on Grip and Silvestor.

  12. Any mid-town food joints cannot be Scandinavian, they must be African. Just like everything else in Kansas City...

  13. It's a shame. It was a fun place with distinctive and locally unusual cuisine, and great booze. I'll miss it.

  14. It's the location. This location has been transient for as long as I can remember. If it were over by Westside Local or some place downtown it'd still be open


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