Friday, October 04, 2019

Kansas City Food News: The Art Of Pizza Closes In The Crossroads

Owner Victor Almo worked tirelessly to keep his pizza joint afloat for a dozen years but sadly a spate of heart attacks prevented him from maintaining the restaurant.

On a personal note, TKC always admired one of the very few authentic pizzerias in Kansas City.

This write-up and a TKC pic from a few years ago is better than most of the social media trash talk we've seen and offers more info:

The Art of Pizza has closed in the Crossroads

Photo by Emily Park. After 12 years in the Crossroads, The Art of Pizza (1801 Baltimore) has closed. The pizza wars are not to blame. Owner Victor Almo announced on Facebook that his health problems were getting in the way of the restaurant. "I have worked without a vacation of 90 hour work weeks.