Kansas City Fights Car Crime Spike

A few helpful hints as this town confronts AN UPTICK AMID THOUSANDS OF STOLEN CARS around the metro this year. Take a look:

Worried about car theft? Here are some tips to deter crooks

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City area saw more than 9,700 vehicle thefts in 2018, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. One year earlier, the state of Missouri in the country for the total number of auto thefts. The aftermath often leaves behind a heartbreaking or at the very least a major headache for an innocent person.


  1. How many of these thefts involve keys left in the ignition?

  2. Get rid of your cars and you won't have to worry about it being stolen.

    Ride the streetcar and get a bicycle.

    1. Veterans can get a free bus pass .

  3. #1, three on the tree.

  4. The KCPD has never considered car theft a crime. They just consider it a matter for you and your insurance company.

  5. KC leader in car thefts, KC is a leader in homicides. Is it time KCMO gets a police dept?

  6. More absurd comments about "public transportation" in lieu of a personal vehicle. For the few with access to public transportation the carless options is an option; but for the many without access to public transportation the carless option isn't an option. Kansas City spends $100 million on public transportation and the end result is unhappy drivers of the buses and a few unhappy riders of the buses. (very few)

    The crime issues as a whole is exasperated by the non functional police department. Non issues for the Kansas City Police department...

    vehicle thefts

    The Kansas City will visit a major crime such as a murder after the fact, but only in large numbers and only to document the actual crime; not solve the crime. And if you are lucky the KCPD Twitter account will document the misery associated with the crime with a joke or two...


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