Kansas City Faith Blogger Talks Turkey

It's not even Thanksgiving but one of the most prolific faith scribes in town shares an important missive on a regional conflict with international implications . . . Read more:

From bad to worse in Turkey, and suffering spreads: 10-12/13-19

The Turkish invasion of Syrian territory appears to be clown car full of errors of judgment by both President Trump and Turkey's own president, who already has proven to be an authoritarian whose terrible decisions have affected the lives of...


  1. Billy's shoot from the hip, superficial view of conflicts in the Middle East is perfunctory at best.

    Tribal conflicts that have raged throughout the Middle East for 20 centuries will NOT be solved with American blood and treasure. The Bush-Cheney disaster was a galactic blunder that Trump seeks to mitigate with the withdrawal of our troops from all over the region.

    Too bad the great world powers in 1919 didn't listen to Lawrence Of Arabia and Gertrude Bell, but, they didn't and carved up the "spoils" like spoiled brats.

    "Yes the Turks have permission from Damascus to cross into Syria and they will now consolidate a buffer zone along the Syrian border to control terrorist actions fostered by the independence-minded Kurds and allow for millions of refugees to return home. I bet the U.S. would do the same if we had a similar problem on either of our borders with Mexico or Canada."


    We don't need the oil anymore, thanks to Capitalism.

  2. Ha Ha, a turkey talks Turkey.

  3. Like chuck says and also I think these people enjoy the spilling of blood, the invading of one another along with the killing and raping of women and children. After all they have done it since the beginning of time and have never made any real effort to stop it.

  4. Wow! It's interesting to read the opinions of experts. So when is the last time you guys were in Turkey?

  5. Last Thanksgiving.

  6. And what parts did you visit? Anywhere near Syria?

  7. 7:59 do you ever do anything but bitch when someone has a good point of view on things? How about your view on the subject other than to be an asshole when those who appear to be smarter than you give or write an opinion.

    Good takes on the matter Chuck and Dave. To bad not more like you guys posting here and a lot less of those like 7:59 and 8:06.

  8. Well, here's the deal, 8:14. I've been to Turkey several times, including the areas near Syria (Antakya) and Iran (Van), and I don't know enough to have an informed opinion on the matter, so I'm always interested in reading something from someone who does. The operative word here is "informed."

    I do wonder how smart it is for the US to abandon with no notice our allies. We might need them again some day, and since Trump is using as justification the "fact" that the Kurds did not fight at Normandy (in 1944) as justification for abandoning them, we should be prepared for their not supporting us any longer because of this much more recent event.

    It's also difficult to dismiss the fact that Erdogan is a democratically elected leader who is verging toward authoritarianism and who has an admirer in the White House who it appears would like to follow in Erdogan's footsteps.

  9. It's really a simple matter to grasp, the Trump Organization has no investments in the area known as "Kurdistan", and does have several (Hotels, Imports, Energy) at risk in Turkey that are subject to nationalization at the whim of Ankara.

    Since 2017 the Administration has frequently acted to enhance and protect the value of Trump properties, and the President is making decisions as he always has, based on what benefits him the most.

    Regarding the "troop withdrawals", there exists no schedule for any such reductions, but in fact the enhancements are still ongoing, as evidenced by the 1,200 additional SF Troops sent to the area this week are only part of the planned increases underway. Thank goodness that Turkey's artillery bombardment of a US Army facility in Syria on Wednesday had minimal casualties!

    Oh, I have served with Turkish NATO troops, primarily as Training Cadre during a transfer of Heavy Artillery (Nuclear Capable) from American to Turkish control, and now that I am retired, have no problem stating my opinion that the Kurds are worth far more as allies in any armed conflicts than the Turks, primarily on the basis of reliability and honesty in their dealings with others, plus the Kurds are simply "bas-ass".

  10. ^^^ Sorry, "bad-ass", my fault entirely.

  11. 8:31, why didn't you just say so in the first place instead of being an ass first which might lead some including myself to maybe think what your saying now is nothing more but a copy and paste lie. Plus if you know nothing or lack an informed opinion, why the fuck say anything to begin with?

  12. It is in no way, unreasonable for there to be two sides to this discussion.

    I respect your opinions.


    If the Russians want to expend blood and treasure there, have at it! It's a mess and we are NOT going to bring peace to the Mideast.

    Let's go home.

  13. ^^^^^ This is another example of how to shoot your mouth off when you have absolutely nothing to say!

    This must be from a local Political Figure, having to try to get the last word in.

  14. Sorry Chuck that was intended for @8:49.

  15. It took a Republican President lying to get us into the Mideast "Forever War", sad to see another Republican President lying about getting us out of it.

  16. Sort of like you 9:05?

  17. I suppose it is forbidden to have an informed opinion on Russia, China, the Ukraine, Great Britain etc. unless you've spend significant time in each. And don't bother even trying to consider historical questions unless you can time travel.

  18. ^^^8:31 just got knocked the fuck out.

  19. The operative word remains "informed," 9:13.

  20. Tired of same shit10/12/19, 12:40 PM

    I'm 100% with Trump's bold and overdue move. Bring our men (alive) and dollars back home. Those folks have been fighting ethnic/tribal/religious wars for HUNDREDS OF YEARS, and will continue long after I and readers of this are long gone.

    Strengthen our military to the point where any country will hesitate to attack us OR OUR VITAL INTERESTS.

    Congress and neocons profit from war. Ike was spot on when warning us about the "Military Industrial Complex".

    1. Yep, 12:40, bring those fierce and fit fighting men & women home. They could do alot of America First work right here. While keeping up their MOS skills, they could provide services in critical occupations:national security at US borders--medical and dental----science research--energy production--design and construction--road, bridge,and utilities infrastructure--police, fire, and EMT--detention centers--and SO MUCH MORE!

  21. If we need the Kurds' help, don't be surprised if they say, "Check back with us in 75 years."

  22. What did Assad have for breakfast? Kurds in the Way!

  23. The Kurds will help us if, when and only for so long as it is in their own best interest to do so.


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