Kansas City Country Club Plaza Collapse

As locals across the metro scurry to finish up construction projects before the weather turns nasty, here's a glimpse at more plaza problems in their hopes of turning this location into upscale Nordstrom shopping:

After former Capital Grille wall collapses, engineer inspects Plaza apartments

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A structural engineer is inspecting an apartment building on the Country Club Plaza on Tuesday after part of a wall next door collapsed on it. Workers near 48th and Jefferson streets are making sure a public walkway in between the buildings stays safe.


  1. Nordstrom's should beware. Not a good location for this and a lot of reasons.

  2. As a Kansas Citian, I love the Plaza, am saddened by its current state, and would love to see it like it was decades ago. And if putting Nordstrom’s there will do that, great. But I don’t know how Nordstrom is going to fare any better than Saks, Hall’s, etc. there, especially in the era of the online retail boom.

  3. Ya mean the Playza ?

  4. Let us guess the construction supervisors were at the driving range teeing off instead of being on the job site supervising the work.

  5. ^^and you were here shitting yourself just the same.

  6. The Plaza was already shit 10 years ago. 2009 isn't that far back. You almost have to go back to the 90s to even begin to get me nostalgic

    Also, Nordstrom better hire like 300 security guards. There's going to be so many people preparing to file false racial profiling lawsuits

  7. ^^Construction Supervisors..Now That's funny.

  8. No, Chimpy's little squeaks, trying to be witty are funny!
    If he could only learn more than thirty words, he might succeed someday.

  9. ^^^and yet he’s the best thing on this blog by a mile. Remember, no him, no you. Weird.

    1. Chimpy, you're comic relief at best, and you wouldn't be that without me. I branded you, and I own you.

      Get back to work amusing us monkeyshines!


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