The aftermath of a wrongful shooting and death trial resonates across the nation and in Kansas City.

Here's the best roundup of the debate and I have to admit, upon first viewing the story at face value is life affirming regarding the power of forgiveness BUT, of course, context makes the difference here . . .

WaPo: Amber Guyger was hugged by her victim’s brother and a judge, igniting a debate about forgiveness and race

Meanwhile . . .

The KCMO urban core is exploding with opinion and outrage over post-trial display.

Even better . . .


Of course there will be some reactionary chatter regarding this post but we believe this satirical hot take suits our blog community perfectly and might even offer a perspective which elicits commonality in reaction to a debate that threatens to worsen the American racial divide.


Kansas City Consensus: If You Hug My Murderer

I will come back and haunt you for the rest of your days - hide your tv remotes, hack your social media, misplace your car keys on Monday and Thursday mornings and any other cruel think I can think to make your whole entire life a living hell on earth...

I will haunt you and make sure you step on a lego every day of your life.

I will haunt you and make the person walking behind you in the Price Chopper hits you in the ankles with their grocery basket every time you shop.

I will haunt you and make your Gates beef/turkey/ham on bun DRY AF and your fries under-cooked.

I will haunt you and take a sock out the dryer every time you do laundry.

I will haunt you and take all of your earring backs and bobby pins.

I will haunt you and make the every metal detector you walk through go off, especially through TSA so they can do a full body search.

You decide . . .


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    1. Have to agree. If this was the other way around or anybody else it wouldn't fly. Way too touchy feel-y. That's just not where we are as a country right now.

  2. This was one of the most class acts I have ever seen on the national stage.

    Christianity is more than a laundry list of things we shouldn't do and hating those that we think violate those rules. it is about loving your neighbor. This man showed that in his forgiveness.

  3. She should be in jail for a lot longer than 10 years

  4. That kid is tough as nails. What an inspiration. But just because a relative forgives you does not make you less guilty.

  5. That's a fvcked sitch. I believed thoroughly there was some previous interaction with the dude, it appears there wasn't. Really comes down to some millenial cop broad at the prime of her life not paying attention to all the enormous signs around saying wait a sec, and shooting a guy dead. Her life is essentially lost. 10 years is a plenty heavy punishment. She'll maybe be released early, but life will have passed her by. Dude seemed like a reasonable guy, he's gone now too. All cause of not paying attention to crap.

  6. Hell no, I'm not forgiving you if you walk in my sons house and killed him while he's eating ice cream o the couch. If you're dumb enough that you can't figure out which apartment you're in than you shouldn't be a cop. They should of hit er with more time.

  7. I think she got too much time, it wasn’t pre-meditated murder, it was an accident, the kid knows it and the judge knew it. This was all about whitey shooting blackie and she was going to pay.

  8. I don't think any of us here in Kansas City can or have been able to make any sense of this all from the very beginning. Way to many unanswered questions and appears today there still are some unanswered questions. Why the brother of the victim did what he did was of his own choosing for whatever reason. It was his brother who died and we should show some respect for allowing him to mourn in a manner that he is comfortable in doing so.

  9. ^^Doubt one would want to

  10. The question I have never heard answered in this case is: How did she get into the apartment? Did her key work the lock on the door? Something just does not add up.

  11. ^^^Idk, maybe the door was unlocked? What kind of angle are you pushing for here? That it was somehow the dead guy's fault?

    And Dave, do tell, what unanswered questions?


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