Kansas City Confronted With Another Brutal Winter Pothole Fight After Flimsy Fix

Urban core residents notice the streets are still garbage from last Winter but City Hall claims a win as we await another chilling season of local infrastructure neglect. Read more:

City hopes pothole war over as another winter looms

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Months after the final snows of the 2018-2019 winter melted, public works crews in Kansas City, Missouri are still cleaning up Mother Nature's mess. From January until Oct. 15, public works said it finished more than 17,000 requests for pot hole patches from 311.


  1. Never fixed last years potholes

  2. Maggie is a fucking liar parroting whatever bullshit she’s fed. The City isn’t doing any pre-sealing. The only crack they need to fill his hers.

    1. And yet she has a job and you’re here. Advantage her. Weird.

  3. And yet he has a job and you’re here. Advantage him. Weird

  4. ^^^^^^@ 7:51
    You are so STUPID it's not even funny. How do you know 6:55 doesn't have a job?????? It'a apparent you don't have a job either if you're accusing others of not having a job just because they are leaving a comment. So why don't you take your limited vocabulary and shove it up your stupid ass. MORON

    Take a look at 7:51 folks this is true ignorance we have to deal with in our city.

    6:55 You are absolutely right the city has not done any pre sealing nor have they fixed holes in the most expensive neighborhoods, that pay the most taxes. So yes it's a huge lie.

  5. ^^^ Bitch please! Rich fuckers get their streets fixed first! Ward Parkway isnt in the hood in case you didnt know and that mother fucker was fixed almost overnight once the elite started pitching a bitch about it and threatening votes to local politicians, because its a artery that the wealthy fucks in KCMO use on a daily basis to get to the plaza. You got your facts all wrong, negros are missing and likley in the bottom of a last years pothole, are we missing them? Only if they didnt show up to work to milk the clock. Pot hole fill has many substrates and to encourage pot hole fill in the hood it should be desqiused as a community swimming pool on a hot summer day with free Mickey's, guns and drugs so negros jump in and help fix the streets.


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