Kansas City Chiefs: The Morning After

As promises we highlight some of the best comments from our blog community regarding the SSUNDAY REVELATION that the Kansas City Chiefs are mostly a cheap marketing magic trick.


Fanboy Hopes For Comeback

"If the Chiefs would have won you would have said it was a "meaningless" early game. But they lost so you are hyper-critical. The season is long and the Chiefs have the potential to make a comeback which will make the truly great. Readers will remember that you gave up on the team early in the season."

Buck Stops With The Coach

"This is on Andy because a defense should never be neglected for this long. The head coach should make sure of that. The lines on both sides of the ball are disasters. The linebacker core is horrible. When your defense is ranked 30th out of 32 teams against the run, you are not going anywhere. Even if the Chiefs are lucky enough to make the playoffs, they are once again doomed."

Kansas City Working-Class Heroics

"Yes, it's JUST a game, BUT ACTUALLY IT ISN'T! The money these players, coaches and owners make off this sh*t is ridiculous. Hard working people pay the salaries of these players and coaches, and when they don't perform like we expect them too, we have a right to get pissed about it. The rest of us go to our 9-5 to get the dribble pay after the KINGS take their cut. I don't go to these games because I cant afford to, but I do support the team by buying licensed Chiefs NFL gear when I can. The point is: This is beyond "just" a game for most people, and for many fans winning games at Arrowhead is like winning "something" in a city that loses year after year on everything else."

And now, here are just a few more links on the topic of KANSAS CITY FOOTBALL FAIL in order to help put things in perspective. Checkit:

Kansas City Playing Hurt

Patrick Mahomes' sprained ankle is a problem

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes continues to play through the ankle sprain he suffered Week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and at the beginning of games (after a week of treatment), he has looked like his usual self - making plays that nobody else in the NFL can.

Sophomore Slump Or KC Jinks

Opinion: Chiefs can't keep asking Patrick Mahomes to cover for their fatal flaws

CLOSE For the first four weeks of the season, the Kansas City Chiefs ranked among the most dynamic teams in the league. As Patrick Mahomes continued the wizardry that he displayed last season en route to MVP honors, many wondered if he and his squad would encounter much of a challenge until December, when they will face the New England Patriots in a rematch of last year's AFC Championship Game.

Thursday Night Finale

In aftermath of win, Broncos already 'hyped up' for Thursday matchup with Chiefs

The last three times the Broncos have hosted the Chiefs, they've come close. Each of the previous three matchups in Denver have been decided by four points or fewer. "We're confident," Von Miller said. "We've always been confident when we play the Chiefs at home.

No More Magic . . .

Now that hope has turned out to be nothing but hype we leave it to our blog community to sort out how they cope with what could be another soul crushing loss this week . . .

Developing . . .


  1. 3 game losing streak is a tough place to restart from. If they're smart they'll go all out against Denver, they're playing for the season.

  2. No, they played for the season yesterday.

  3. Urgent text to Mahomes:
    "Heinz wants their money back, but you can keep the bottle of Ketchup".

  4. I don't get the Mahomes hate. I really don't.

  5. ^^^ Don't be so dramatic. No one hates him.
    They are making fun of all over-the-top hype that surrounds him.

  6. Reality is starting to set in here in Kansas City. All those running around screaming this will be the year are starting to wonder what went wrong. You don't have to be too well versed in football to understand it. If you say something long enough and often enough you begin to think it's going to happen or be no matter what because at that point all common sense had flown out the window. It was Mahomes this, Mahomes that, everywhere you looked you saw something Mahomes. You couldn't even go to ESPN and the first thing you not see was a Mahomes something or another story about all the greatness. Walk into a Hy Vee and his face is everywhere.

    The last two games have proven beyond all doubt he isn't the second coming of Christ. He's just another football player out there on the field being overpaid for what little he actually has to do. One player can't win the game but it's this one player all the focus is on along with huge amounts of cash. As someone said yesterday he is the team to which I said, "Fine, put him out there on the field all alone and let's see what happens then?"

    Having followed football for over half a century I have seen the Mahomes's come and go. In fact seen them go more than come. Until Kansas City learns how to build a team, a well balanced team these follies we see year after year will continue to happen. No Mahomes is going to magically walk into Kansas City and hand us a Super Bowl win. But it will be Mahomes who will get all the blame in the end when the Chiefs fail to make it to the Super Bowl this year.

  7. Mayor Tweety Bird Q said he's going to help the Chiefs. And that there is a lot of work to do!


  8. You just wait till next

  9. @ 9:59 You know I have heard that same comment for 48 years now.

  10. ^^^ Re-read the comment SD, to me, as written it reads as fairly subtle sarcasm.

  11. ^^I've heard what he's heard. People already starting to say it this year.

  12. ^^LOL yes they are no doubt already saying it and have been saying it for years.

  13. Chief's Fans: Last year we were dreaming,
    This year we are screaming,
    Next year we'll be streaming...anything but a Chief's game.


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