Kansas City Catholics Confirm Charges Against Former Local Creeper Priest

More nasty allegations against this suspected predator who now confronts national rebuke as former alleged victims and their families come forward. Read more about this old school local cleric:

Kansas City diocese says newest abuse allegations against retired Wyoming bishop are credible

Three victims who brought allegations of abuse against retired bishop Joseph Hart, who once oversaw the Catholic Church in Wyoming, have been determined credible by the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph in Missouri. The three victims have come forward over the past year with new allegations against Hart.


  1. Satan is in the business of creating false religions, that if you follow, will take you to hell. The Catholic Church is his masterpiece.

  2. ^^^Go read some more from the "magic" book dummy. Your sanctimony is lacking.

  3. He might be on to something. Technically, most all major religions believe man is "fallen" and thus the sins he does are because of his fallen state - not because some devil on his shoulder told him to do it. Man would still sin if the devil disappeared today. Murders, theft, lying would continue.....but the twisted religions that use smoke, hats, robes, altars, chants, collections of gold and jewels those are not from God. Its been said that Satan spends 100% of his time trying to derail people so they don't reach heaven. Its a contest now between God and Satan to see which can collect a following of souls. But in the end God naturally wins, as he is satan's creator.

  4. The catholic have the corner on the market when it comes to magic. Look up the source of the work Hocus Pocus. Google its origins. its from the Catholic Church. Don't get me started on exorcisms....I mean really.

  5. Tradgedy (such as birth defects) is the price of existance.

  6. Funny how catholic women should not have sex except for procreation. But they are the first to get abortions and have recreational sex with many partners. So how am I to take their faith, the Catholic church seriously? They have sex in bed with a cross above the headboard! And a necklace with a cross. They wear them while getting naked pics taken or having unprotected sex! But in church they act so perfect.


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