Kansas City Blight Burns Taxpayer Cash

A longstanding problem grows increasingly expensive as city hall confronts less revenue amid rising pensions and a looming recession.

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Vacant Kansas City house fires consuming precious resources, department says

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City firefighters say they've investigated 6,000 fire since June. But, they're telling KCTV5 News they are concerned by one particular kind of fire that firefighters have been dealing with for decades. The frustration is coming from vacant structure fires. There have been almost 60 in the last four months.


  1. If you call video games precious resources I suppose they are correct.

  2. Euthanize the homeless and the fires will go down

  3. Well, there were a great many fires set by the City or those working with the City when they were taking private property for East Patrol. Of course, the City caused those houses to become vacant. I am sure the City is behind the motivation to set the fires. This City absolutely sucks. I am sorry I was born and raised here.

  4. The Fire Dept. is complaining about having to waste their precious resources fighting fires? Huh? What are they supposed to do with their time? Okay, I've got an idea. When someone calls in a fire, don't bother to respond. By the time you find the keys to the truck and get your shoes on, there is nothing left to save anyway.

  5. Nobody will rehab and live in those houses because ... except for a few richer hipsters and a lot of dirt-poor ones ... nobody from elsewhere wants to live in Kansas City. No rocket science required to figure that out.


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