Kansas City Baby Lisa Search Continues

No it doesn't. And local news watchers have never been satisfied with the official story. Nevertheless, the case is cold and this computer generated poster has about as little to do with reality as most of what has been reported so far . . .


Baby Lisa's parents still hope to find her after eight years

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Today marks the eighth anniversary of the disappearance of baby Lisa. Lisa Irwin was 10 months old when she was reported missing by her parents eight years ago. She has never been seen since. Lisa's parents do interviews every year on Oct.


  1. Your precious child is missing ... you refuse to talk to the police... right there I have a problem.

  2. Oh good grief. White people and their kids. If they’re not drowning them over the summer by dumping them off at a pool, their quietly killing them and causing them to disappear altogether to collect the tiny amount of life insurance they might happen to have on them. Jesus White people... you have everything... do better.

  3. Hyperblogal, you're free to talk to the police all you want. You may think "you have nothing to hide", right? Be prepared to be asked the same questions a multitude of times in different ways. Would you be able to keep it exactly consistent throughout? Just remember, you're brand new to the game and your interrogators aren't.

    This is how people who aren't even guilty of a crime in the first place incriminate themselves.

    "Oh, but this is different!". No, it isn't.

  4. That sweet baby is gone and will never be found. Her parents, especially her mother, know what happened to her. We will never forget Mom & Weird Dad. Lisa sleeps with the angels.

  5. Unless mom and dad repent, they will never see Lisa again. They will go to hell.


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