Kansas City Autumn Ruckus Tonight

Causal Kansas City conversation from the GOLD STANDARD of local discourse serves as more of a round-up regarding where this town stands to start the 4th quarter of 2019. Check the description shared with our most dedicated denizens of the local discourse . . .

"Mike Shanin talks to KCATA’s CEO Robbie Makinen about the logistics and potential impact of a free bus system as well as how the KCATA factors into the downtown stadium discussion. Alana Roethle, Jeremy LaFaver, Patrick Tuohey and Mary Anne Murray Simons discuss Kansas City transit issues, the lingering problems in Jackson County & concerns about management of the $5 million for public art at KCI."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. The bus free ride sounds like a great idea but it would ultimately lead to ruining the system overall and moving the focus to more of these experimental ventures rather than getting people to work. Everybody loves free stuff but people who pay for the bus have more rights than free loaders.

    Fact is, they need to start charging for the streetcar. I'm afraid this is just a trick to get KC to pay for more useless track.

    1. ^^^^ Maybe. Bus is heavily subsidized as it is. So it's not like we're talking socialism here, I'm guessing they could actually save some money by dumping all of those expensive machines to take change.

    2. Wow. If these people are supposed to be among those with great insights on what is really happening in KC it's no wonder KC is so shitty.

      Start with Robbie Mackenin. He was one of Mike Sanders's righthand men at Jackson county. He's not remotely qualified to be leading any government agency, has no college degree, and he got kcata involved in that shady Rock Island Corridor scam Sanders cooked up. The kcata has no credibility with this con man running it. When Robbie shakes your hand you ought to count your fingers afterward.

      This Jeremy Jackass is clueless. He just assumes Jackson county got the assessment process right! All evidence points to the contrary. Frank White got bailed out of foreclosure by a lawyer who got his mansion assessed for less than a quarter of the real value. The assessor didn't conduct physical inspections, didn't use real estate databases and then tried to, at Frank's insistence, to get a golf course's assessment lowered.

      The whole reassessment process reeks of incompetence and corruption.

      Then this twerp says the county Legislators have stayed "neutral" about the reassessments. I hate defending them but they have been raising hell about this for months. Frank White won't admit a single mustake!

      Frank is just like Robbie. He is not qualified at all to be a CEO. But he was Mike Sanders's handpicked successor.

      Then all this BS about downtown baseball. The K just got renovated like 8 or 9 years ago. There's no reason they can't keep playing out there for decades. When the Royals were winning I don't remember any complaints about The K. Now that the team sucks again they need a brand new shiny stadium downtown?

      Finally KCI had the most desirable quality you want in an airport. The ability to get in and out of there easily. An airport is not a place people want to spend one more minute than necessary being at.

  2. Jeremy is an idiot. Mike needs to get him under control. It's bad enough he spouts inanities when it's his turn, but he insists on interrupting everyone else as well.

    1. Agree a million times over!

  3. Well, this program should be deleted and cancelled. There were no black people on the panel. That's racist!!

  4. Mary Anne Murray "My Name Is Too Freaking Long!" Simons wins the weekly award for HUMONGOUS HYPOCRITE!

    Demanding the absolute Black and White Truth, Simons launches into another of her hysterical, irrational, illogical attacks on President Trump.

    Looking like she just arrived from her Lesbians For Hillary support group, Simons is emblematic of the Democratic Party Liberal Fringe. Open borders, no rule of law, welfare for all, special protections for every snowflake imaginable, enthusiastic promotion of LGBT, abortion on demand, ever-increasing taxes, Big Brother government dictating every aspect of your life, etc., this is the world according to Simons Says.

  5. Why is Alana Zimmer-Roethle, the secretary of the Kansas Republican Party on this show?

  6. 4:17 comment

    Because Democrat Jeremy LaFaver is a former MO Representative.

    Because frequent guest Democrat Teresa Garza is a former Jackson County legislator.

    Because frequent guest Democrat Jason Grill is a former MO Representative.

    Because frequent guest and Port KC manager Jon Stephens is a Democrat appointee and contributor to Democrat candidates.

    to name just a quick few


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