Kansas City According To Troy

Yet another exit interview as the company line for Mayor Sly's Administration earns continued repetition despite economic indicators arguing otherwise. Read more:

Why The Retiring City Manager Says Kansas City Is Better Off Than 10 Years Ago

Troy Schulte, one of the most influential city managers in recent Kansas City history, knows he may be remembered for helping oversee downtown's revival, the streetcar, the convention hotel and a new airport terminal.


  1. Neighborhoods are not better off, Troy. Poor trash pickup, poor neighborhood code enforcement, lack of police, poor neighborhood roads, etc. Only groups that have benefited are the developers and downtown.

  2. Downtown may be better off, but streets are growing new potholes, and winter is coming soon.

    I hope Quinton keeps his promises to get neighborhoods in better shape. I will say one thing--a sidewalk error a city contractor made in front of my house a couple of years ago is actually being fixed, so my hopes are up.

  3. Iowa farm, huh? Bet seeing those pigs at the troughs there makes him feel right at home.

  4. Is that snow? Or dandruff?

  5. Is he able to keep a straight face while spewing this bullshit?

  6. KCUR is sticking with the ol' behavior modification diarrhea.

  7. KCMO residents may not be better off than ten years ago, but fat 'ole Troy sure is!
    Been a nice cushy ride.
    And he's got plenty socked away.
    So long suckers!

  8. 75% of Kansas City residents live in areas that have declined in the past 10 years. These same residents subsidized the developers who we credit with revitalizing downtown.

  9. the roads and bridges are crumbling and the city in mates are escaping the basic services are not being done only glitzy new projects

  10. Just go already. The truth will be for all to see once he is gone and the curtain is pull back on his production. The new city manager will have an enormous puzzle to put together and unfortunately most of the staff with direct knowledge on how things were done are retiring.

    I know his ears will be ringing.


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