Juul Justice: Student Safety Or Cash Grab???

More districts are jumping aboard this legal bandwagon but will additional cash help students give up a sketchy habbit??? As Missouri also ramps up vape debate . . . Here's the latest, you decide:

3 more school districts announce plans to sue Juul

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Three more Kansas City area school districts announced Monday plans to sue electronic cigarette maker Juul. The school boards in the Blue Valley School District, Shawnee Mission School District and the Unified School District No. 232 in De Soto voted Monday night to advance legal action against the company.


  1. Zackaree Fogyninji10/15/19, 5:59 PM

    The money spent on the lawsuit would be better spent informing the students about making proper choices. As it is the school districts will use any monetary reward for whatever they want which probably will not be in the student's best interests.

  2. It's not a cash grab when you end up losing and taxpayers have to foot the bill

  3. They know the courts aren't going to give them much more in the way of extorted State funding so they gotta go squeeze it from somewhere

  4. people under 18 can't legally smoke e-cigs or vape. Case closed with no money to the idiot school districts.


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