Jail Time For Kansas Medical Debt

Scary story from nowheresville offers insight into why voters are considering "single-payer" and socialism amid the cruelty of the current medical care system. Take a look:

When Medical Debt Collectors Decide Who Gets Arrested: Welcome to Coffeyville, Kansas

On the last Tuesday of July, Tres Biggs stepped into the courthouse in Coffeyville, Kansas, for medical debt collection day, a monthly ritual in this quiet city of 9,000, just over the Oklahoma border.


  1. This article is bullshit. Nobody is arrested based only on an unpaid debt. They get arrested for failure to appear in court after having been officially summoned. One type of summons is to appear in court to be questioned about any assets the debtor might have to satisfy the final judgment that has already been entered against him. Debtors who appear as summoned and answer asset questions under oath are free to leave right after the examination ends.

    The people who this article claims were arrested for indebtedness in truth were arrested for not showing up in court when they were supposed to.

  2. This article is bullshit. Here is how they gloss over why they were elected: " she’d missed one hearing too many." I clicked through all the hyper links they had in the article and they were all misrepresented in the NPR story. From one:

    "The unemployed Bear River City man wasn’t arrested directly for not paying a debt, but rather was served with a $350 bench warrant issued by the justice court judge for failing to appear in court on the matter."

    If that's the angle the writer wants to take, then they should take it and not play a shell game and lie about what's really happening. But obviously they're writing opinion pieces and trying to pass them as fact

  3. Typical liberal spin.
    They were not thrown in jail for their debt.
    They were found in contempt of court for blowing it off.

  4. ^^^^ Sorry Trump tards, sick people have a hard time making it to court for shake downs. The current system sucks and you know it. Stop blaming the victims. REAL Americans want change!

  5. Hey 5:14 I bet if someone stiffed you on a debt you'd want them to stand tall in a court when you sued them, so blow your outrage out your ass!

    1. I’m sorry your minuscule brain prohibits you from understanding that jailing people for medical debts is a horrendous idea. I’m also sorry you lack the compassion for your fellow man. I’m also sorry that you cannot comprehend that our health care system is broken. Now kindly go kill yourself. You serve no purpose here.

  6. See this is HOW our so called News gets folks to vote for BERNIE...... Yipeee everything will be free. Were in Heaven NOW. Feel The Burrrrn! If you don't they'll run YOU and your KIDS down and throw YOU in the SLAMer.

  7. @8:00PM Said Lucifer.


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