Jackson County Supports More Medicaid

Medicare for all is the new hotness but we'll have to wait for it until Americans pick Senator Bernie or Warren. In the meantime, local Democratic Party denizens continue to push forward efforts to take care of sick, broke-ass locals who can't afford the most expensive healthcare in the world. Read: Everyone.


Jackson County legislators support Medicaid plan

Jackson County legislators have lent their support to an expansion of the Medicaid program in Missouri, a move advocates say would extend health coverage to more than 200,000 Missourians - most of them working adults - who currently lack it.Advocates are using the petition process to get the issue on the ballot in November 2020.


  1. If the democrats support it you know for sure it's a crap deal for all.

  2. Absolutely. Look at Social Security, Medicare, and all the crap deals the Democrats have supported all these years when it would make more sense just to toss granny off the nearest Trump Tower.

  3. ^^^^ Maybe she'll land on a big pile of Farm Subsidies, Price Controls, Licensing Monopolies, TIF Incentives, Income Averaging, and other Corporate handouts and Protections.


  4. 1:05, don't be a fool. They ARE working on that. Hospice organizations, supposedly concerned with "quality of life" will eventually be euthanizing people...watch out when they want to give you a low dose of morphine for "comfort". Oh, and yes, this includes YOU, fool.

  5. Byron Funkhouser10/13/19, 2:34 PM

    Here in Clarksburg, ten veterans were murdered at the local VA by a killer angel who gave each of them an insulin injection they didn't need.

    After a year & a half, they're still investigating with no arrests so far.

  6. Byron, as you are probably aware medical malpractice kills around 100,000 per year...according to the AMA's own stats. It should be treated as manslaughter and charged criminally.

  7. 2:34, there is a distinction between criminality and accident. If you're so sure the former was in play, contact the police and tell them what you know that they don't.

  8. Shouldn't be a problem. Just increase Jackson Co. property taxes a little to pay for it.

  9. Byron, what blog(s) are you on in Tenn, or anywhere else?

  10. Just a suggestion:
    Why don't the Jackson County "legislators" address their two most basic responsibilities instead of getting their panties in knots over federal and state issues?
    One: Fix the broken, corrupt, and totally incompetent property assessment system.
    To: Get a handle on the operation and planning for the county jail.
    When those two basics are operating with some minimal degree of competence, efficiency, and effectiveness, please let county taxpayers know and perhaps they will suggest other services that you can address.

  11. Now we know the real reason the JAXCO legislature wants more tax dollars through the new assessment. To pay for the new expansion of Medicare. All it takes is Money!


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