How Should Kansas City Royals Honor Former Manager Ned Yost?!?!

Haters might claim he only had a couple of lucky seasons . . . But most of humanity never gets that . . . Check the debate over this idea:

Kansas City Royals: Should Ned Yost's jersey be retired?

Having your jersey number retired by the Kansas City Royals is a very prestigious honor. In fact, only four players/managers have ever been on the receiving end of that distinction. Following the end of a 10-year run with the team, it's time to decide whether or not Ned Yost should join that list.


  1. No one is going to care 500 years from now.

  2. ^^^^ So might as well get it done today!

    Ned was a great manager, should guide future teams to now that he did a great job!

  3. He did a great job in 2015, he got paid to do that same job for many other years that didnt justify his salary including every year since 2015, and while thats not his fault totally because the Royals Ownership is cheap as GLASS, and thats where the true problem lies. I wish Ned a happy retirement, and the new OWNER of a shit baseball team GOOD FUCKING LUCK making money of this joke of a team.


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