Friday, October 04, 2019

Higher Taxes Killing Kansas?!?!

From our Conservative pals, here's glimpse at the Sunflower State dumping the Brownback legacy and rising taxes taking hold under the watch of both Guv Kelly AND the right-wing majority in both state houses.


Kiplinger: Kansas is 10th least friendly state for taxes - The Sentinel

While Governor Kelly's tax council is exploring options to raise taxes to pay for explosive state spending, the Kiplinger financial report shows Kansas is the 10 th least friendly tax state in the nation. Kansas has one of the highest sales tax rates at an average of 8.67%, which includes a tax on groceries.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Kansas needs that Sales Tax money!
It's a Republican State, what do you want us to do, tax the wealthy?
You people don't need to buy as much as you do anyway, the Koch Companies can spend that money on far better things, and they're a lot more grateful to the GOP than you ingrates would ever be!

Anonymous said...

Hey assclown, you can tax the shit out of the rich and not have much to show for it - just a matter of numbers. I'll limit my consumption and live in a place (KS) that is relatively safe vs KCMO (which has almost as high a tax rate, and one that is sure to increase with a tax and spend crowd at the helm locally)

Anonymous said...

Kansas should just on the recreational weed wagon ASAP before surrounding states, well three of them before it's too late. Clean up now before it's too late.