Hard News: Kansas City Lady Kangaroo Desperately Seeking Facebook Love

Most of the stuff at "Her Life" is content mill garbage from the city college but this bit of writing stood out to the best and brightest from our blog community and offers a glimpse at how the NEXTGEN ladies view social media dating life . . . Important content for our readers with big bucks, ambition and no fear of becoming an Instagram husband.

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I Tried Facebook Dating so That You Don't Have To

When Facebook Dating officially rolled out over a month ago, everyone let out a collective groan. This wasn't just another dating app; it was a dating app powered by the social media behemoth we all love to hate (but still use just to keep our grandmas and great aunts happy).


  1. No picture, maybe that’s why she couldn’t find a hookup. We don’t know what she looked like or whether she has big tits. Does she fuck on the first date?

  2. ^^^ Don't know, but it's for damn sure you never will, if you ever trick anyone into going on a date with you, that is.

  3. ^^Your sister didn't mind hanging with me this past weekend

  4. ^^^^ My sister died five years ago asswipe, that must have been your own sister that you're jacking off thinking about.

  5. Kansas city most repeated motto: a great place to raise your children.
    Maybe they should change that.

  6. She may have to find a guy that lacks intelligence .Guys are Becoming wise .If you bring Student Debt. And a Large amount of Consumer Debt to a relationship. The guys know if they marry them they may have to pay that off for them. Marriage is a Multi Billion Dollar industry right down to the Divorce Attorneys. Guys know about accumulateing,weath. Not Being Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in debt .Do you want to have Hundreds of thousands of Dollars of Wealth, or Debt. Ask the experts that were married. I

  7. And with wealth they can choose the best and the Brightest .OR Bamby the Barby,


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