Friday, October 04, 2019

Golden Ghetto Going Green?!?!

The newspaper offers a bold claim and mostly hype given that this part of town is nearly dependent on two-car families and garages. Nevertheless, local suckers/subscriber are financing this nice new that might not stand up to scrutiny. Read more:

Is Johnson County getting greener? Uber-like transit system, bike lanes flourishing

An experimental, Uber-like microtransit system in Johnson County is in such high demand, it is poised to become a permanent fixture - signaling a desire for alternative modes of transportation in the suburbs. In his 11 years on the county board of commissioners, James Allen said he's heard stories of residents struggling to make it around Johnson County without a set of car keys.


Anonymous said...

Bike lanes flourishing? bike lanes are empty. Suburbanites still drive to kc to ride their bike which is weird.

Anonymous said...

Bike Lanes “Flourishing”....WHERE?
FAKE News has arrived at TKC.