GM Strikers Stay Losing?!?!

This labor dispute lingers on a horrible day for KCK overall. Take a look at the latest info on negotiations or lack thereof:

Talks with GM 'have taken a turn for the worse,' union says

Talks between the United Auto Workers union and General Motors "have taken a turn for the worse," according the union's chief negotiator, suggesting that no immediate end is in site to end the auto industry's longest strike in decades.


  1. Never going to believe a union worker is going hungry. Total bullshit. Looks like they all could use diet.

  2. I will never even consider buying a car from the company that sold more cars than any other company and went broke doing it. I also question the work ethic of people who choose to strike against their own employer instead of building vehicles of sub par quality. Lose-Lose-Lose. Read Consumers Reports.

  3. hope they win! The workers make America great!


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