Thursday, October 31, 2019

Fox4 Celebrates 70 Years With Promo Campaign To Persuade Cord Cutters

In broadcast television, cord-cutting refers to the pattern of viewers, referred to as cord-cutters, cancelling their subscriptions to multichannel subscription television services available over cable or satellite, dropping pay television channels or reducing the number of hours of subscription TV viewed in response to competition from rival media available over the Internet such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Philo, Sling TV and YouTube Premium. This Internet content is either free or significantly cheaper than the same content provided via cable.

Locally, has also impacted TV stations that might be free but are considered legacy media by the NEXTGEN . . . And so, that's part of the reason we're see so many stations working to boost their social media standing and bypass the cable filter in order reach out directly to viewers who might have forgotten about broadcast media. Take a look:

Kansas City station marks 70 years with image campaign

WDAF, the Nexstar owned Fox affiliate in Kansas City, Missouri, is marking its 70th anniversary with an image campaign built around the tagline "70 years together." The campaign includes an original from Stephen Arnold Music that, through lines such as "we are rebels," "we are stars," "we are colors" and "we are love" all linked to the lyric "this is you and me."


Charles Whitman said...

I used to think Michelle Bogowith was super hot, but she kept gaining weight, and it didn't look good on her. She's still pretty; but not gorgeous like before. I like to see Kera Mashek's stories.

Anonymous said...

We avoid Fox completely

Anonymous said...

Oh, got to have my Mark Alford fix every morning - next best thing to watching a "PeeWee's Playhouse" rerun.

Of course, after the local yokels turn things over to the National Faux Freak Show, the station becomes unwatchable.

Don't know about any of the other channels, never turn the TV on after 9:00 am.

Reality Speaker said...

I can't buy that many fucking cars, leaf guard gutters, siding nor lose that much weight.

Almost always watch on line news without ad bullshit, while having Jameson on rocks.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Try Connemara 12 year aged!