Former Kansas City Star Columnist Jason Whitlock Smacks Down NBA On China

Local Internets and social media is rotten with former KC Star exiles. Some of them are doing worthwhile stuff and sharing great journalism, some are trying to flex their political muscles, most are hustling cringe-y pay-for-play deals whilst others have become embittered about their career stagnation and have turned into trolls . . . Meanwhile, only BIG SEXY remains a relevant mover & shaker on the national news scene. The latest example on a subject dominating the discourse:

NBA-China controversy exposed how dependent American basketball is on Beijing, FS1's Jason Whitlock says

The controversy unleashed after Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey expressed public support for the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests revealed the NBA's strong dependence on China, according to Jason Whitlock. China heavily influences American basketball, especially through sneaker companies who sponsor the sport and do business with Beijing, Whitlock, a Fox Sports 1 host, claimed Tuesday on " Tucker Carlson Tonight."


  1. When an NBA player refuses to stand for the national anthem its free speech but when a team employee criticizes an authoritarian regime the NBA apologizes for allowing free speech.

  2. ^^Money dork. It's all about money. You just figure this out?

  3. We live in a globalIzed clown world. Wish we could have our own societies and industries

  4. ^^^^ Jason more famous than YOU.

  5. Good for Jason for speaking up! He did a great job on Tucker Carlson's show last night.

    And then was mentioned/quoted today on Rush Limbaugh.

    And he is right. About the Chinese infiltrating our culture, and it's all about the shoes.

  6. @2:11 That's what Romney, Pelosi, Kerry, Biden, Dianne Feinstein oh and lets NOT forget Hillary with Obongo's help and plenty more of the SWamp..... 'SHOW ME THE MONEY"

  7. Here in the USA NBA fans have been going to games with signs supporting a free hong kong. They're respectful, paid for a ticket and just sitting there with the signs supporting Hong Kong, and they are being kicked out of games. This is happening in the USA.

    NBA has a big pr problem on its hands for this upcoming season

  8. Indeed, 3:53.
    Could give new meaning to "Shoeless Joe Jackson"--and that whole baseball scandal decades ago, featured in the Field of Dreams movie about "if you build it, they will come."

    We might be headed toward a tariff war, where the players are ALL shoeless!

    And "if you support a free Hong Kong, they will punish you."

    OK, chuck--need you to weigh in with a bunch of big words I have to look up.

  9. Jeff George would be proud of Jason.

  10. Why does Tucker constantly make that dumb ass face?


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