Everybody Dumps In Kansas City

A reminder that more cameras, crackdowns and ordinances haven't been effective . . . Meanwhile, KCMO has been slow to consider bringing back regularly scheduled bulky item pickup AND offering people better options. Take a look:

Five different people caught illegally dumping trash in same Kansas City location on same day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police and a city investigator caught five different people spreading their trash at the same location, all on the same day. It's an example of why the battle to stop illegal dumping is not easy to win.


  1. Well isn't that what you are suppose to do? Dump at the dump.

  2. The city needs to open up a dump where people can take their debris and drop it off at a reasonable price. Sly James and the old council tried to push recycling which the city made a fortune off of by limiting trash pickup to 2 bags per week. Ellington has proposed increasing the bulky item pickup program which is a good idea. KCMO government is directly responsible for the illegal dumping problem in the city.

    1. The landfills are reasonable in price for residents. It just takes forever to drive there, check in, pay ,unload and leave. They will not deal with the first 3 only unload and leave.they need public dumpsters emptied 24/7 with a fresh one. Let the haulers sit at dumpsters and take cash. It's there dumpster, they would charge what they want

  3. Change the dumping ordinance to include accessory forfeiture. That is, you get caught using your personal truck or car, that truck or car will be impounded and offender's ownership terminated.

    Word would get around.

    Dumping would at least decrease somewhat.

  4. Bingo!!!^^^^^^


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