Downtown Kansas City Baseball Stadium Hype Machine Moves Into High Gear

When the local "upscale magazines" start talking about the issue, locals can rest assured that the effort to convince the public and manufacture consent is now a civic priority by the big money crowd. Checkit:

The Dream of a Major League Ballpark Coming Back Downtown Reemerges - In Kansas City

They're baaaaaaack. You've heard the whispers, right? Like Halley's Comet, a solar eclipse, or any other such phenomena that rears its head every X number of years, talk always seems to surface in the Kansas City area regarding moving Kansas City's Major League Baseball franchise, the Royals, back to its roots.


  1. We've put hundreds of millions into Kauffman, so it only makes sense to tear it down.

  2. @Hyperglobal. Obviously you didn't get the memo. It is the duty of tax payers to prop up and financially support big business and this includes us building castles for millionaires and billionaires to play in. Get with the program!



  3. Baseball is dying. A downtown stadium is a bad idea.

  4. Not a Jackson County resident so my opinion doesn't matter - but I'll offer it anyway.

    Downtown stadium is coming. We all know the increased taxes, fees, and other subsidies that will build the stadium. We've paid them at Kaufman and we'll pay them at the new stadium too. The big question is what will be the downtown location? Where is there a sizeable enough tract of land that a stadium can realistically be built on? The road construction to support traffic will probably be staggering. The chatter I hear is Berkley Park is the backdrop people are looking for.

  5. What kind of fans are you?
    It's only going to be another thirty years or so till all the other teams get bad enough for the Royals to have a chance at the Pennant again!
    Keep the faith, and keep the cash till open!

  6. Time to Kill Fucking Turner10/1/19, 8:47 AM

    After $200 million for new football stadium addition at MU Columbia, AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!

    Remember that next time you are driving down shitty highways and Joseph Fucking Goddam Turner brags about his traffic lights and divergent diamond interchanges and his worthless piece of shit degree from MU.

  7. This is happening. Just like the new airport, just like the streetcar, just like the upcoming streetcar extension, just like the new downtown hotel. It's done and none of you crybaby bastards can do a thing to stop it!!!! Love it!!!!!

  8. Kaufman stadium is still one of the nicest in the nation.

  9. If they really wanted to be creative in terms of location, they could build it over the highway between the RiverMarket and the Central Business District. I'm not an engineer or anything and I'm sure such an idea has quite a few logistical challenges. But if they want it within walking distance of everything else, that may be one of the better ideas.

    Another idea is to put it over there by Dennys off of Broadway just East of Bartle.

    Both ideas are near highway access and within spitting distance of everything else downtown.

    But again, whose gonna pay for it. Considering the financial climate of the city, probably not a good idea to ask tax payers for more money. But, going on the history of this town, that's likely what they will do.

  10. Where are all the Greed New Deal humpers and hippies? Seems those AOC worshippers should be shouting down a proposed new stadium in the urban center. They want resources to be used for providing housing that is stacked high and dense. They want big elimination of cars, to be replaced by Birkenstocks and bikes. They're pushing for the magical, mysterious funds fairy to hand out taxpayers monies to the climate savior cool kids. The cool kids will be riding streetcars and scooters to their bartender and barista jobs in the perfectly dense, diverse, and dazzling downtown! AOC types don't want any hicks and 'burb people coming to their downtown utopias in those horrible fossil fuel burners. Well, except for the streams of trucks bringing Amazon deliveries.

  11. Downtown is full of faggots and transgendered. No normal people want to go anywhere near homosexuals.

  12. ^^and how many of them have you blown Nancy? You seem really thirst! Get you some!

    1. Oh Chimpy. Did a human ask for your monkey comment? ;)

  13. Crown Center would be the best location. There's that whole unused parking lot by the cemetary to the east of Liberty Memorial and just a block south of crown center. There's plenty of room for a stadium there, and can accommodate parking easily...Rockfest used to be held there and 100,000 people could park.

    East side would be fucking terrible. I want downtown baseball and have wanted it most of my life but the East side would be so stupid because sitting in your seat you'd overlook Benton Blvd because stadiums have to face east and you wouldn't get good sight lines of downtown

  14. The homosexuals downtown prefer sucking dick rather than watching baseball.

  15. It's becoming clearer and clearer that the buzz is only coming from those holding dead money real estate near downtown.

    This is a attempt to grab quick cash by unloading their now under-performing (worthless) lots.

    The studies from 2005 projecting an additional $20 million for the Royals annually is hopelessly outdated. The stadium renovations in 2009 including new luxury crown and diamond seats, upgraded suites, new bar options, along with higher parking prices have allowed the Royals to realize that extra revenue at the current location.

    In fact, moving downtown is likely a money loser for the Royals. More restaurant sales will come at the expense of stadium vendors. Free street car transit and offsite parking represent real cash losses for the Royals. I've yet to see anything in the current downtown models that would actually increase revenue for the Royals. That probably explains lack of any "buzz" from new ownership.

    This is about increasing revenue for a narrow group of downtown land holders and businesses, period.

  16. DA-A-A-A-ANG....2:27 dished on those developer devils' design for dirty dealings!10/1/19, 11:08 PM


  17. A new Downton Stadium is DOQ in my opinion. But I'll bet the sports Talk Geniuses in town will beat that topic to death. The CVB will change their signs to show a New stadium will increase tourism to 25,000,001 Analy.


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