Could Manning Family Football Dynasty Save Kansas City Chiefs 2019???

Long shot and fanboy speculation that's gaining traction for willfully ignorant sports fanatics who don't realize the front office would never spend that kind of cash. Checkit:

Patrick Mahomes injury: Could Eli Manning to Kansas City Chiefs actually happen?

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs should be riding high after a 30-6 victory over a division rival that featured their defense delivering nine sacks. The wind, however, has been thoroughly taken out of their metaphorical sails by the knee injury suffered by quarterback Patrick Mahomes in the second quarter of the game.


  1. There was a time when all one time great washed up quarterbacks were required to end their careers in Kansas City. Jaworski, Moon, Montana,.....

  2. DeBerg, Grbac, Bono, Cassel, Orton, Quinn.......


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