Congressman Cleaver Remembers Elijah Cummings

Kansas City connection to an important passing and moment of reflection from the former Mayor of Kansas City. Read more:

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver remembers his friend, Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings

WASHINGTON -- Congressman Elijah Cummings was a civil rights icon and was a fixture of house committee hearings for years.His booming voice and intense style of questioning earned him one of Washington's most powerful jobs - chairman of the House Oversight Committee.


  1. Nikolay Krakaratakuri10/18/19, 5:42 PM

    Would be nice if Cleaver remembered to repay his failed car wash loan.

  2. That’s a lie, nobody knows who cleaver is let alone is his friend.

  3. ^^^^^^

    He won't because he is the same scum as Cummings was. I absolutely hated Elijah Cummings he was a piece of shit and somehow that's not even bad enough to say about him. Cummings can stand before God now and tell him why he terrorized an innocent man and his family not to mention his lazy ass living off the welfare of others while they lived in a rat infested city. Gee I'm so broken up about his death. Cleaver is that same scum.

  4. ^^^ well played sir!

  5. Cummings was an honorable legislator that should be remembered for how he defended the poor and disadvantaged.

    Nice to see that has part of the tributes, the stormfront crowd is here to complain about the lazy negros.

    And people think KKKobach doesn't have a shot at the Senate.

    1. Honorable?
      Maybe if you took your tongue off your boy toys balls once in a while and took a cruise thru the west side of Baltimore you would see how honorable he was.

  6. 1:28, No way, he enabled the poor and disadvantaged to reach further disadvantage. He was key in the creation of the 'victim class'. I guess if you consider those accomplishments honorable, but most would not.

  7. B-lie-ron ALERT @1:28!

  8. One worthless nigger patting another worthless nigger on the back kinda like the crips and the bloods the thieving coons always stick together as long as they’re getting money for nothing


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