Monday, October 21, 2019

Compulsive Gamblers Abandon Kansas City Chiefs Without Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs FAVORED TO LOSE their next game as the bookies bet against the team without their star . . . Take a look at fanboy pushback on the topic:

Patrick Mahomes is worth eight points to the betting public

Since Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes sustained a dislocated kneecap during the team's 30-6 victory over the Denver Broncos on Thursday night - which will keep the league's reigning MVP off the field for at last two weeks, and perhaps as many as five - perceptions about the Chiefs in 2019 have changed dramatically.


Wait till next year said...

The Packers are going to kick some Chiefy ass. This will be a game that will be painful to watch.

Anonymous said...

^^^and yet the Chiefs win. Weird.

Grip Madlock said...

If they lose will you disappear?