The Kansas City Chiefs didn't look at all like a Super Bowl contender on Sunday night.

The main takeaway . . .


A few points . . .

- The O-Line is being eviscerated across the nation and will be the focus of ire from sports talkers across Kansas City throughout the work week.

- QB Patrick Mahomes is more fragile than his fans are willing to admit. He can't play hurt and he doesn't yet have the skill to compensate with other facets of his game.

- The flashy KC b-ball run and gun style of football was shut down with a lesson in classic field acquisition run dominated offense that weakened every aspect of the Chiefs game plan. Football fans who watched and listened closely even heard a few boos and noticed fair weather fans leaving the stadium early.

Basically . . .


This is the first home loss in a minute. The Chiefs are no long invincible, no longer the darling of NFL pundits and have revealed themselves far more wobbly than anyone realized.

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Colts shock Chiefs with relentless defense, smashmouth running

These sure weren't the same Indianapolis Colts from a week ago. Distancing themselves dramatically from the stench of an ugly home loss, the Colts somehow pulled off a Sunday night stunner on the road with a 19-13 upset of the previously beaten Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.


Patrick Mahomes roughed up, held to scoring low as Colts hand Chiefs first loss

The Indianapolis Colts reduced the NFL's remaining unbeaten teams from three to two. In handing the Kansas City Chiefs a 19-13 defeat on Sunday night, the Colts held Patrick Mahomes to his lowest scoring output as the MVP was hobbled by an ankle injury.

Hobbled For Homecoming

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs limp to first loss of season

11:44 PM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Quarterback Patrick Mahomes needs some help, after all. The Kansas City Chiefs left the NFL's reigning MVP with little assistance on Sunday night against the Indianapolis Colts and for the first time this season, Mahomes couldn't deliver a victory.

Local Fanboy Obfuscation

Four winners and three losers from the Chiefs 19-13 loss to the Colts

The Here are four winners and three losers from the game. were defeated by the Indianapolis Colts 19-13 in their first loss of the season. The Chiefs are now 4-1. Wide receiver Byron Pringle followed up his incredibly clutch catch and run from last week with a career performance in primetime.

End Game Run Out

Colts at Chiefs final score: Indy scores Arrowhead upset behind Marlon Mack and a stifling defense

It turns out maybe the Indianapolis Colts are just fine. Andrew Luck's retirement shortly before the season may have caught them off guard, but the Colts have a deep, versatile roster with stacked with high-quality contributors on both sides of the ball, and it allows them to win all kinds of games, in all kinds of environments.

And so . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week. We hope to have more for the morning update as the entire metro suffered a cruel Sunday fact check regarding local life . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. It was close, not a stomping and I bet the Chiefs are a lot more sturdy than keyboard warriors. Dick.

    1. Yeah, but they still lost.

    2. Too negative in every respect. This is an early season game against a team on a mission. There were a lot of highlights and phenomenal 1st quarter. Everybody throws around blame after a defeat but even the Mahomes was hurt he kept it close and stayed on the field. He has more toughness than most and that will come into play later in the season.

  2. ^^^^ You get credit for your optimism.

  3. Chiefs done in first game of playoffs. You heard it here first.

  4. Blame the MSM not the O-Line.

  5. Byron Funkhouser10/7/19, 3:35 AM

    Mahomes is too little to play with grown men.

    Did you see what happened to Pittsburgh's little quarterback?

  6. 6’ 3” is too little?

  7. #114 at 29th and askew, you heard it here first!

  8. His ankle was stomped on purpose by one of his teammates.
    Dey be bringin' mulatto boy back to earth.

  9. Our defense looks like a bunch of pussies.

  10. Indianapolis Colts got off the plane kicked pretty boys ass and laughed about it all the way back home last night.

  11. Byron is too stupid to be commenting

  12. Who cares about the cheaps

  13. Now every NFL team knows how to beat the Chiefs. Just run the ball. The Chiefs have no defense. Many college teams have better defenses than the Chiefs.

  14. Killa' City Chiefs lost?

  15. But, but, he's "the greatest of all times!" plead Helen Keller's aka swiss chiefs fandumb.

    Yeah so was Cassius 'Moo-ham-head' Clay 'the goat' till he (like KC's man with a squirrel living on top of his head) met his betters - who numbered 5 in his career (Rocky Marciano: true 'Greatest of All Time' - forever unmatched his heavyweight career - a perfect 49-0.)

    'Choke' MEhomes career mark vs the better teams in the NFL (are no great ones/haven't been for decades now) on the big stage is pathetic:

    * 2018 he lost to 5 - Patriots (twice) and to the Chargers, Seahawks as well Rams (needed overtime to beat the Ravens too on the swiss chiefs own field. They managed, also at home with a heapin' helpin' o' bad weather, to beat the Colts... last night's rematch, however? In perfect weather, INDY returned the favor, and then some.

    No, catsup boy #15 is not the greatest this year or any (and while we're at it isn't that hideous red combo helmet, jersey, pants, socks & nose (INDY broke KC's) bleed that locals refer to as a uniform the biggest clown suit you ever did see!?!

    Upshot: MEhomes/swiss chiefs always 'Choke' when it matters against this current lot of NFL also-rans erroneously referred to as 'great' (the 1960's Green Bay Packers would stomp each and every one of them - including any Patriots team in history.) Check 'Choke's career mark vs the current lot of (snicker) 'greats' - it/he/kc stinketh to high heaven.

    Alright, all-together now: 'wait till next year!' and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and - more swiss chiefs looney tunes to come!


    Th-Th-The, Th-Th-The, Th-Th... That's all, folks!"

  17. Mahomes was harassed all night by the Indy defense. I don't think that the Indy QB even got his jersey dirty. The KC linebackers are terrible. Without Hill and Watkins, the receivers are average at best. The Chiefs have some big problems. Meanwhile their next opponent, Houston, scored 50+ points on Sunday. Ruh-roh!

  18. It’s one disappointing loss that’s all. You killjoys sure are pleasant to hear from.

    But the coaches and players do need to find some answers this week for run stop defense, dang.


  19. You want to see the best 'young' QB in the NFL, watch Deshaun 'The Man With The Golden Gun' Watson in KC next Sunday - he is now on par with Brady (due only limited experience his and the latter's age-related decline.)

    Watson is just behind the best two QB's in the NFL Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson - and Watson is headin' for the top FAST - despite the fact he hasn't as much talent around him as great 'overhype' 'Choke' Mahomes/Rodgers/Wilson.


    Jackson County taxpayers are forced to subsidize this business operation of a Dallas billionaire.

    Kansas residents attending the game are freeloading off the backs of Missourians.

    Society as a whole remains mired in their high school years, still going to the big Friday night football game as an adult.

    Area residents purposely wear red clothing while watching a primarily black male team act out violence on the field. #METOO, anyone? Just say no to drugs, anyone? KCMO homicide epidemic, anyone? Decimation of the 2-parent black household, anyone?

    The NFL is a private monopoly for billionaires to grow wealthier by bilking taxpayers across the country. The NFL condones violence against women, rampant drug abuse, and the coddling of elite athletes with below-average intelligence.

    Patrick Mahomes is a 24-year-old college drop-out from Texas. His parents are divorced. What do you think his grades were like in high school and college?

    Mahomes is NOT from the Kansas City area. He wasn't born here, didn't go to high school here, didn't go to college here. He's a carpetbagger.

    On July 20, 2017, the Chiefs signed Mahomes to a fully guaranteed four-year, $16.42 million contract that includes a signing bonus of $10.08 million. He signed endorsement deals with Hunt's Ketchup, Oakley, Essentia Water, Hy-Vee, State Farm, DirectTV, and Adidas. These companies believe that you are stupid enough to buy their product when they pay Mahomes to say nice things about it. Did you eat your Mahomes cereal this morning?

  21. ^^^So? You jealous bruh? Mahomes is everything you're not and wished you were, young, rich, good looking, immensely popular,and a quality individual. You're none of the above. You're on here bitching about somebody better than you. You couldn't be a bigger loser! Remember loser, you're the reason you failed and people hate you!

  22. ^^^ "good looking"???

    To another blind squirrel, maybe

  23. I think the reason all these unicorn chasing fanboys are snapping back at the realists is that they are having a hard time admitting that the Chiefs are one step away from a full on dumpster fire. If Mahomes can't run he's a dead man with that o-line, he has no running backs and a bunch of crippled up wide receivers. The defense is so bad I;m not even going to bother to comment on it and Reid is a complete idiot that will never get past the playoffs with his "I have to control every aspect of the game". Here's the real kick in the ass, Detroit found Mahomes cryponite, if you go man to man and drop a deep safety back it takes away his run and gun option now every team will impose this defense and you're looking at a 8-8 season at best. Just sayin......

  24. 'Choke' MEhomes has one thing in common with the Patriots Tom Brady (no, not Championships, statistics, a great coach or a decent haircut)

    ...he DOES have that Brady 'persona' down 'Pat': MEhomes throws up his arms, winces and nigh on stamps his feet on the ground any time that an defensive player gets near/breathes on him - curls up his lip, waves his arms/makes a face while looking for an official.

    #15 is the softest 230 lb. pro football player ever - he would not last one game if he played back in the day. Recall in 1970 when all 280 lbs. of 'not so gentle' Ben Davidson speared 190 lb. Lenny Dawson full force in his back.

    Lenny got right up... MEhomes would be bawlin' instead of ballin', looking for an official, tears in his eyes; he wouldn't have lasted a game playing back in the 1960's, when the hits just kept on comin' fast, hard and heavy all day/season/career long.

  25. ^^Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  26. ^^ Sssssssssssssssssssssssss... the bandwagon sound exiting the Superbowl pipe dream swiss chiefs 'hot air' balloon

  27. Mayor Q @QuintonLucasKC
    14 hours ago
    Praying for the ankle. #KCvsIND

    All pray with Tweety Bird Q please

  28. ^^Will do. Will also pray for your quick demise as well!

  29. Top 5 reasons the Chiefs won't be in the Superbowl this year....

    5. The O-line (Why is Erving still playing football?)

    4. The Defense (Self explanatory)

    3. The Receivers (Watkins couldn't hold onto perfectly throw passes last week, Kelce couldn't hold onto them this week)

    2. Andy Reid's play calling (Who runs the ball down the middle when you're 4th and down, behind and the clock is running out?)

    1. The New England Patriots

  30. How long until Mahomes gets seriously hurt on the field and is out for the season? This is the reason why Mahomes wasn't heavily recruited for college teams nor the NFL. It is because Mahomes is a running quarterback. Running quarterbacks don't last because there is a very high likelihood of them getting hurt. You can only play like that for so long before the other team has you numbered. The Chiefs took a gamble on him and it paid off the first season. The following seasons are a different story.

  31. ^^^^Huh??? WTF?!?! Do you EVEN watch football dummy? Mahomes “wasn’t heavily recruited in the NFL”???? The Chiefs moved up in the first fucking round of the draft to get him!!! Hey shit-for-brains, Mahomes has never, ever, ever been a running quarterback!! Goddam, did your dumbass even watch him in college?!?! He was an air raid QB. Go look that up goon. Did you even see how he hurt his ankle either? He got stepped on by his own lineman in the pocket fool!!!!Mahomes is the best pure talent the league has seen in decades. Go take your Metamucil pops, because that take was as shittty as your diaper. UGh. Old people, so fucking dumb!

  32. ^^^No. You are wrong. And stupid.

  33. It's only a game. You folks take football way too seriously.

    I like Myhomie. He's fun to watch... if he doesn't get permanently injured he may learn to play the game and be one of the great ones.. but probably not for the Chiefs. They have never been able to keep a good QB.

  34. They didn’t show me anything to be optimistic about can’t stop the run like last week can’t defend the pass can’t protect mahomes can’t run the ball and I think mahomes is hurt a lot worse than they’re letting on. It was a lot worse than the score indicated a real ass kicking

  35. Mahomes is soft. NO Superbowl for you KC!!! hahahahaha!!!!!!


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