Wednesday, October 30, 2019

College Border War Big Bucks Ahead For KU & Mizzou Student Athletes?!?!

University indentured servitude is coming to a conclusion thanks to Cali lawmakers and this report gauges local reaction . . . Read more:

KU, Mizzou react to NCAA allowing student-athletes to be compensated for image, likeness

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - College athletes are one step closer toward getting paid for brand sponsorships and endorsement deals. The NCAA Board of Governors voted unanimously Tuesday to allow student-athletes to benefit from their names, images and likeness. The board directed its three separate divisions to immediately work on updating their rules, so the rules can be adopted no later than 2021.


Anonymous said...

Kansas already pays their basketball players and always have. If hope they aren’t paying any athletes in football because they are pussies and like to lose. Rock Chalk, suck Cock. Gay U!

Anonymous said...

The only thing the NCAA has actually committed to is setting up working groups to consider thinking about it. Read Sam Mellinger's column in the Star. It is a classic.

Anonymous said...

Since college sports brings in lots of dough to the institution, I have no problem paying the "student-athletes" AKA employees.

Anonymous said...

Now they can afford call girls! Just like the NBA stars!