Clay County Fights Consultant Cash

Our favorite group of social media bullies attempts to bring good government to the suburbs by way of social media trash talk . . . KMBC has done an excellent job of cleaning up their effort and making it worthy of public consumption beyond all the deplorable inside baseball. Take a look:

Lobbyist spending questioned again in Clay County

Taxpayer-funded lobbyists are under scrutiny again in Clay County.An effort to stop lobbyist spending by the county was tabled Monday in a familiar two-to-one-pattern by the Clay County Commission.Clay County commissioners Luann Ridgeway and Gene Owen tabled a proposal from Presiding Commissioner Jerry Nolte to terminate the county's $3,500 per month contract with Husch Blackwell Strategies.Husch Blackwell Strategies is one of two lobbyists representing Clay County's interests in Jefferson City.


  1. LuAnn Ridgeway ran on a fluke during The Republican Revolution in the 1990's. You can't complain about lack of representation when you vote away your collective interest?

  2. Good for Jerry, but the other two nitwits will give him no support.

  3. Heard that Ridgeway cited Gerry’s leadership and asked him to move for approval of a p and z committee vote that was 6-0 for a given proposed ordinance, he was lost. Lol

  4. ^^^ Heard that Ridgeway tries to disguise her posting on Tony's as not being from her ! ROLFMO

  5. Kind of like you JW, SS, or TW

  6. ^^^ Nice try, but not any of those - just a disgusted long time Clay County homeowner who is sickened by the antics of Ridgeway and Owen.

    Not too fond of Nolte in the past, but at least he shows SOME concern for the County's residents and cares a little how their Tax Money is spent.

  7. Ok. EO or DP


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