Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Clay County Audit Update

Quickie conversation on the Northland political ruckus and white-middle-class residents offering us assurance that local government doesn't work even in the nicest neighborhoods. Read more:

Clay County Audit

Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway launched an audit into Clay County last December, after more than 9,000 citizens requested it. Since then, the county has withheld documents needed to complete the audit, received a subpoena and sued the auditor's office.


Anonymous said...

When I signed the petition, I was informed that an audit was going to occur. I blame Galloway the state auditor and the clay commission. But it seems like the state auditor has dropped the ball as she listened to the antiFA of the county who protest everything.

It’s just odd that a bunch of protest occurs but never takes hold, so I won’t be signing county petitions, if any, anymore.

Anonymous said...

What does Antifa have to do with Crooks in the Courthouse? The Crooks are not concerned with protesters or recall petitions. Groups can protest but it doesn't stop them from conducting business as usual.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That’s easy, the county antiFA protest the smallest of things they disagree with such as a lame coffee pot. What will they protest next, an arm chair? Led by their Chief IT petitioner, they are stalkers of media and little kids walking to school, talk about big brother.