Thursday, October 24, 2019


Court victory for this ongoing Northland slap fight that started over a coffee machine and continues to try and find a distinction betwixt different brands of Republicans in this suburban enclave . . . Checkit:

Judge throws out Clay County Commission lawsuit against state auditor, allows audit

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. -- A judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by the Clay County Commission on Oct. 23 that tried to halt a state audit. The lawsuit, filed by the county on Thursday, Jan. 31, claimed that State Auditor Nicole Galloway had made "an extraordinary and invasive request" that was not within her constitutional right.


Anonymous said...

Ridgeway and Owen going down,
doo-dah doo-dah,
Ridgeway and Owen gong down,
hip, hip, hooray!


Anonymous said...

“Clay County continues to cooperate with all legal requests from the State Auditor’s Office. All financial transactions made in the past two years have been turned over as requested to the audit team, including 300,000 lines of data and more than 1,300 pages of documents,”

Still waiting for the absent auditor to show up and do what the county has expected to happen, a real audit.

Course, now the 2018 outside audit is completed by an impartial and independent audit firm that specializes in government audits, read a quality auditor with no political bent pushed politically by a few stalkers, we stand ready for the audit of records, if not shredded to occur.

More anonumous than she is said...

^^^ Thank you, Luanne, for that sterling example of frontier gibberish!

(Gave yourself away with the "we stand ready" line, Sweetie.)

Anonymous said...

Not taking one side or the other.

Just wanted to thank you for a Blazing Saddles reference.

Anonymous said...

None of the local media takes Luanne seriously so she has to post anonymously on this blog

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone that can translate 6:42 into English?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yes, @8:47, glad to help out...

"We gave the Auditor a bunch of bullshit records that we thought would slow her staff down long enough for us to use County Taxpayer's money to hire Lawyers and file a Lawsuit that would keep both our asses out of jail for Larceny, but now she's asking for enough records to do a REAL audit, and we need time to get all the real evidence shredded!
Jesus Christ, they're going to find out EVERYTHING!
What's our next move? How much taxpayer's money can we get our hands on now? Should we head for the Bahamas?"

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

What horrible reporting. The lawsuit never requested the audit be halted. It requested a limit on records including those covered by HIPPA. Moreover, the judge has said some records might still be protected so in the end, nothing has really changed. This is what you get when a narrative-driven tv station is more than happy to just go with the political press release from a candidate for governor.

Anonymous said...

Exactly 11:18, as an employee, my lawyer is ready to sue the state frauditor for violating Hippa. Thanks to the stalkers, I am going to retire early.

Anonymous said...

The commission doesn't discuss HIPPA information. Records for closed meetings don't even exist. That is why the KC STAR sued the county. Nicole and Luann probably drinking alot this weekend.

Anonymous said...

^^^ The phrase "records for closed meetings don't even exist" is code for "thank God for shredders"!