City Hall Mostly Hurts KCMO Housing

Worthwhile review of Kansas City neighborhood policy and how it almost always helps to upset the balance against neighborhoods. Tax fighters suggest a "hands off" policy whilst locals might want to consider more advocacy from STAKEHOLDERS AND HOMEOWNERS rather than special interests or developers. Take a look:

Want More Housing? Get out of the Way

If there is an affordable housing shortage in Kansas City, why is that so? Could the very housing policies meant to help actually be part of the problem? No less than Bob Langenkamp, the man formerly in charge of handing out economic development subsidies in Kansas City, said these subsidies were necessary to offset the increased costs of city regulation.


  1. City Hall actually hurts about everybody except real estate developers.

  2. ^^^^+25,000,000

  3. The same could be said for vehicles. The "regulatory costs" associated with seat belts air bags do in fact increase the cost of vehicles but one would not advocate for vehicles without the safety features. Housing built with sprinklers and firewalls are more expensive but few will deny the benefits of the "regulatory costs". The existing housing stock in Kansas City is abandoned due to poor quality due to poor regulation. Kansas City today would be a much better city if the Kansas City of yesterday did in fact include more of the "regulatory costs" in housing. Permits costs money, too. The existing infrastructure is the same issue... Pay now or abandon later?

  4. What is this "mostly" thing? Have the helped anyone anywhere? Yes-No?

  5. Get a job, pay your rent every month, spend within your means, save for a rainy day!


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