Wednesday, October 16, 2019

City College Jocks Talk Pay For Play

The world of college sports is changing quickly and Universities won't be able to monopolize free labor for much longer. Accordingly, here's the local Kangaroo hot take on more opportunity for student athletes. Read more:

UMKC student-athletes react to California's Fair Pay to Play Act

California passed the Fair Pay to Play Act last month, allowing collegiate athletes to be paid based off their name and image. The law directly defies National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules. The NCAA is the athletic overseer for 1,117 colleges across the country and more than 460,000 student-athletes nationwide.


Anonymous said...

We already pay them. It is called Scholarships. IF they don't like they can always go back to playing street ball. I liked that Our Star players never attended class, season or off season. The king kong top of the mountain ball player attended one day not a second day. All A's was his rewards and could not even spell his own name. Maybe the best was that we got a "star" that was the reject from 4 other 4 Universities due to 4 prior Rapes. You bet your ass he left our school the same way. Then it all comes out about his past and Our school knowing it all along. We pay them with money, we pay them with skin.

Anonymous said...

^^Shhh..stop. You make no sense and you're boring.