Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Check The Kansas City McRib Tribute

It's The Pitch so it's impossible to discern if this is sponsored content. Whatever it is, it's still horrible. Read more:

Hogshead's ode to McDonald's iconic McRib started as a joke. Now the restaurant is selling 300 a week.

Photo by Zach Bauman I grew up in a small town without many restaurants and learned to time my appetite with the change of seasons. I'm talking about McRib season, of course-that chimerical time of year when the lighted sign beneath the fool's-gold arches blared a saucy promise: MCRIB IS BACK.


Anonymous said...

Nasty damn things

Anonymous said...

I take a thin-sliced boneless pork chop, broil it in bbq sauce and onions, drop on some dill slices and it's off to Heaven.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +100,000

Damn right!

Anonymous said...

^^Do they serve that at Bob Evans pops?