Catholics Stay Winning Science?!?!

Great post and nuanced perspective regarding faith and reason from this local blogger that deserves consideration and a click . . . Checkit:

Why Catholics are leading in relations with science: 10-19/20-19

One of the many admirable things about Catholicism is its widespread acceptance of the idea that science can answer important questions about our world -- questions that are outside the competency of religion to answer. It took the Catholic Church...


  1. Bills brand of behavior modification doesn't work.

  2. ...Just tell your god to stop the birth defects and we'll be happy.......
    ......but that won't happen...
    .......your god is still pissed that a 'woman' bit into an apple.
    ......your stinkin' god will never leave us alone........
    ......but since T I N G we will have to reverse 'his BLESSINGS' with
    modern science and rational thinking, which will put an end to.....

  3. The magic term "hocus pokus" come from the catholic service. "Hocus corpus" said during the service, (means this is my body) was changed into that magic term by kids centuries ago. They saw it was fraud. You cant crucify christ in each mass by saying hocus corpus, and turn sacarements into actual body parts. Christ was crucified once for mankind, according to the bible and christ. Catholics priests try to crucify christ thousands of times each week in services by saying hocus corpus. Catholics are fraudulent.

  4. Maybe the Catholic Church can find a scientific reason why all Muslims suck goat dick

  5. The catholic church cant seem to do anything. Cant control the priests, cant control the law suits, cant control the people dropping out, the catholic girls get abortions and have sex for fun not procreation, believe in Mary as a God, but she is not. It only attracts the stupid nowdays. Smart people see thru the catholic lies and its desires for our money. Go to a Bible believing church instead. Catholics don't believe in the Bible, big mistake!

  6. Catholicism appears to be the true, pure, road to heaven - however its a trap door dropping thousands of dying catholic people straight into hell. There is NO purgatory. Heaven / hell, that it. Its a great scam that the devil has put together and it took him thousands of years to get it just right so Catholics wont ever doubt it.


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